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Muslim Teacher

Muslim Teacher (Online Newsletter)
Inspiring Muslim Educators and Parents through Shared Experiences

Muslim Teacher NewsletterMuslim teachers, whether in a classroom setting, or in school administration and curriculum development, or as homeschooling parents, are one of the most important stakeholders in the development of Muslim youth.

95% Muslim youth in North America are neither in Muslim schools nor in Masjids. 75% youth say they or someone they know have been discriminated against. Muslim youth are the least happy and the most angry of all youth groups in America.

At the same time Muslims in America are facing the highest divorce rate of any other Muslim community in the world. Our families are at risk.

As part of Sound Vision’s new strategic plan, we have launched a monthly e-newsletter, "Muslim Teacher", to support and engage educators in the Muslim community to address the emerging challenges facing Muslim youth, Muslim families, and Islamic education.

Check Out Muslim Teacher Newsletter Online:

Newsletter #1: "Muslim Teacher" Launched to Help Teachers Connect & Share
Newsletter #2: Shared Experiences Can Enhance Your Lessons
Newsletter #3: Welcome Back to the Classroom!|Controversial Literature
Newsletter #4: Teaching Citizenship | Building Thinkers in Our Schools
Newsletter #5: Talking to Your Students about Jesus & Christmas; Productive Winter Break
Newsletter #6: Using Games to Teach Arabic | Computers in the Language Class | Dua for Learning
Newsletter #7: Teaching Service-Learning & Volunteerism | Manners Alphabet | Write for Us!
Newsletter #8: Passion for Reading | Experiential Learning | Structure in Homeschooling

Learn More About Our Editors & Board Members!

Three Reasons to Sign Up for this Newsletter:

  1. Connect: Every teacher feels the need to connect, share ideas, speak her mind, learn from colleagues trenches. The Muslim Teachers newsletter provides you with teacher's voices and an opportunity for you to have your voice heard.
  2. Grow: Many of us choose teaching because we love learning, but our time is a limited specially during the school year. The Muslim Teachers newsletter gets information and wisdom to your inbox, and we strive for quality and concision.
  3. Contribute : Teaching means that you've decided to give back to the community. However, we all want to expand our work. We hope that the Muslim Teachers newsletter gives you many opportunities to grow to our collective wisdom that can help to build lasting institutions. The simplest way to do this is to utilize our interactive features. We also hope many of you will contribute articles.

Sunsbribe to Muslim Teacher!


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Tahasin Atar, PUNE,INDIA - wrote on 11/6/2011 7:59:56 AM
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Comment: Alhamdulillah, this is a brilliant idea. inshaallah Muslim Teacher newsletter will definitely prove as a great asset to us teachers!!! Jazakaallah

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