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The Leading Islamic
Economist of our Time

  Prof. M. Nejatullah Siddiqi

Islamic Economics:
A Glossary of Islamic Economics
A Biblio. on Islamic Economics
Interview with Omar Fisher, President Takaful, USA....[audio]

Living Without Riba:
The Quran Hadith on Money Matters
Living Without Riba

20 Tips for Keeping your kids Debt-free

Discuss money matters from an Islamic perspective. Haseeb Abdali and Mustafa Kamal will help you with your questions. Haseeb Abdali is M.Phil. in the Islamic Economics and Mustafa Kamal has served as the CEO of a Muslim financial company.


Meet with a Muslim Economist:
Interview with Prof. Siddiqi on the state of Islamic Economics [5.3.2000]
........................ [text] [audio]
Prof. Siddiqi's Bio
Evolution of Islamic Banking and Insurance as Systems Rooted in Ethics
[Presented at the College of Insurance, New York, April 26, 2000. This forum was organized by Takaful USA, a New Jersey based pioneer in the Islamic alternative to insurance. The forum was attended by 80 Muslims and non Muslim professionals from six countries.]
Islamic Finance and Beyond: Premises and Promises of Islamic Economics
Nature and Methodology of Islamic Political Economy in a Globalized World

ng Infrastructure Building: Role of Islamic Financial Institutions

Investing Wisely:
Questions You Should Ask About Your Investment & What to Do If You Run Into Problems
Day Trading: Your Dollars at Risk

Tips for Online Investing

How to Avoid Internet Investment Scams
  Personal Finances:
Creating a Personal Budget
A Sample Budget for a Family

Some Tips on Saving Money

18 Tips to Simplify Our Spending

A Muslim Perspective on Credit
Zakat-The Pillar of Islam:
Obligation of Zakat and Rates
Inner Dimensions of Zakat
FAQ's about Zakat
Zakat Calculator

Develop your Will:
A 6-Step Guide to Making Your Will
A Sample General Will

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