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    Road to Madinah:

  1. Full Of Humility

  2. The Beautiful Story

  3. Life Returns

  4. Theeverythingsong

  5. Madinah Tun-Nabi

  6. The Veil

  7. What Did I do Today?

  8. Lullaby

    By Dawud Wharnsby Ali

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houda, sydney - wrote on 2/19/2012 5:20:59 AM
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Comment: salam if used all of them in y islamic class for my young kids and mashallah how much thay injoy it :) iv even made copys for them to take home . thay come in the next class and froceing me to listen cuse thay no every word and wanted to thank use heaps :)....

Mardiyya, UK - wrote on 8/31/2005 6:15:48 PM
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Comment: Mashallah! i labosolutley love this site! the lyrics page is fantastic. im going to buy all of Dawud Wharnsby's work cos i think he is one of the best islamic song writers & singer. i hope he carries on with his wonderful work that inspires so many muslims around the world.

aisyah roslee, singapore - wrote on 3/16/2005 3:28:34 AM
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Ahmed, Bham - wrote on 3/5/2005 10:34:16 AM
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Comment: i think is a very good idea because more people would listen to the songs and learn them and it is a very good idea to have lyrics to learn the songs by heart May Allah(swt) reward you for all of your efforts. Subhanallah.

Aisha, Nigeria - wrote on 1/29/2005 10:56:15 AM
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Comment: may Allah reward you all for providing the lyrics.and to the singers keep the good work going may Allah accpt it as an act of ibadah. Amen

Yunus, TURKEY - wrote on 1/16/2005 12:26:16 PM
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Comment: Dawut is a band,team and army by hisself

Kubra Mir Iqbal, Toronto - wrote on 1/12/2005 2:24:20 PM
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Comment: I looking for the lyrics to Dawad Wharnsby Ali's song "Bimillah" to teach young children for Eid gathering.

Talhah ali, Wales,Cardiff - wrote on 12/20/2004 5:49:16 AM
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Comment: hi this is talhah i am hibahz brother and she shown me some islamic songs and dey were beautiful i cant believe i used all my time just playin wiv da playstation all day i still do ! but i use most of my time listinin 2 islamic songs talhahxxxxxxx

Hibah Ali, Wales,Cardiff - wrote on 11/23/2004 3:08:44 PM
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Comment: sorry i really like bosting bout islamic songs and diz is da second time im gonna feedback i cant stop listening to islamic songs my favourite songs are Alhumdurila,Madina-tun-nabi,Prophet Muhammad and Bissmilla and dey r all sung by lush voices beautifull voices and r done by my best singerz. i think dat subanalla these people r really religious and inshallah they will make all the muslims happy and sure they are worshipin da rightperson so i wanna give an advice 2 all da peeps dont think allah is not dere just becoz he dont talk or do it lively 2 u but he is helpin u in another way like maby wiv a plant object or a person dont be tricked by shatan just follow alah and it will bring u 2 paradise allhumdurilla other religions will find out on Judgment Day. I luv all u singers esspecially Dawud,Yusuf and Zain Bhikher. i hope u make more songs Hibah xxxxxx

Hibah Ali, Wales,Cardiff - wrote on 11/21/2004 1:13:18 PM
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Comment: i think dat madina-tun-nabi is da best song ever especcially the singer Dawud Whambsby Ali is da best singer and Zain Bhiker i also like da songs dat he sings i luv da songs the muslims singers sing alhumdurilla it will make muslims much more confident and dont people wanna rush to madina wen they listen to da song madina-tun-nabi. Alhamdurilla Yusuf Islam,Zain Bhikher and Dawud Whamsby Ali should be recoended with an trophy coz they make brilliant songs.

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