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Shawal 30, 1432 / September 28, 2011
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  Social Media: Love It, Or Get Left Behind  
  • Facebook claims that 50% of active users log onto their accounts each day. That is at least  400 million users a day.
  • The average Facebook user is connected to 80 community pages, groups and events.
  • More than 500 million active users currently access Facebook through their mobile devices.
  • Twitter has more than 200 million registered users. Using 140 characters or less, users “microblog”—sharing bits of information and links, providing a huge boost in traffic linked-to sites.
  • LinkedIN has over 90 million members worldwide.
  • Flickr hosts more than 5 billion images worldwide.
  • Facebook, Twitter and video-sharing sites (Youtube, Vimeo, etc.) are the most widely used social media channels by nonprofits
  • 84% of nonprofits said blogs were effective at enhancing existing relationships.
  • LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are considered the most effective for fundraising.

Did You Know?

Almost 1 in 3 Masjid-Goers are Converts

On average, one in three regular participants (29 percent) is a convert to Islam.  The fact that this figure of 29 percent corresponds well with the estimated number of 32 percent for African Americans and White Americans in mosques, bolsters the reliability of the estimate. (CAIR 2001)

This demonstrates the need for more convert-oriented programs and events in Masjids. If your Masjid hasn’t already made the continued spiritual well-being of converts a priority, please consider it at the next board meeting, and make sure to allocate a part of the yearly budget to their programming. 


Mediation Tips for Imams


Focus Both Parties on Future

When dealing with a conflict, you’ll notice that both parties’ focus is on the other party’s past mistakes, on a flare up that happened some day in the past.

Keep the emphasis on the resolution and the future. You could do this by asking, "But what's your proposal? What do you suggest? How do you want things to change?"

In so doing, you are placing emphasis on what each can do to resolve this issue and keep a similar conflict from arising in the future.


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Social Media for MasjidSocial Media Can Connect Youth To Your Masjid
By Meha Ahmad

If you don’t exist in the social media world, you don’t exist. At least that’s what the numbers would suggest. Today, there are 500 million active users on Facebook—the largest percentage made up of 13- to 25-year-olds. The average user is connected to 80 community pages, groups and events. Furthermore, Twitter has 190 million user accounts, and LinkedIn has more than 90 million members.

Social media is changing—and already has changed—the non-profit world. Read More >

FacebookHow To Make Your Event a Success On Facebook

Facebook hosts more than 3 million event listings each month, ranging from small get-togethers among friends, to community meetings, to large-scale rallies.

The great thing about Facebook events is that it allows the maximum number of people to hear and learn about your event without you having lost a significant amount of money and time to promotion. Read More >

Share Your Best Practices!

Shoes in the MasjidIs your Masjid unique in a certain aspect of its administration? Share your best practice or a creative solution in your Masjid with regards to the following dilemma:

- Managing Parking

Please email us your experience or practice so we can publish it in the next newsletter @ Make sure to include the name and address of your Masjid. Photos are welcome!

VolunteerHow to Increase Volunteers in Your Masjid
By Sound Vision Staff Writer

Recruiting volunteers can be quite the tedious task sometimes. Whether you only need a few volunteers to work on a project, or a truckload to help pull off a successful fundraising dinner, here are a few tips to help you recruit volunteers more easily.

"When calling for volunteers, don’t let your expression or voice show how tired or frustrated you might be. If you’re excited, they’ll be excited. Express to them the benefits of being a volunteer on your project." Read More >


Become a Masjid Fan4 Reasons Your Masjid Should Be On Facebook

Facebook can be an endlessly helpful tool for your Masjid. Along with other social media tools, Facebook is a great way to connect with other organizations and supporters, find new faces in the field, and garner new supporters who don’t already know your Masjid. Through social media, nonprofits like your Masjid can help mobilize and raise awareness about your mission and goals. Read More >


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