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Masjid Today

Masjid Today (Online Newsletter)
Strengthening Our Masjids through Shared Experiences

Why Masjid TodayThere are up to 3,000 mosques across America, and they’d done amazing, truly inspiring work. Numbers of mosques are growing, despite legal hurdles and opposition. Each mosque, with its imam(s) and staff, serves their neighborhood in their own way, inspiring young minds, teaching the community about Islam, and much, much more. Each Masjid has its own story, its own experiences, its own successes and tests.

"Masjid Today" newsletter serves as a chance to share those stories with each other. Insha Allah, we can learn from each other and lend a hand to our Muslim brothers and sisters in other cities when needed.

It is SoundVision’s hope that, through the launch of online projects like the "Masjid Today" Newsletter, Imams and Masjid staff will be able to come together to network, share experiences, success stories, and ideas to enable each Masjid to better serve its community. There is no need to reinvent the wheel.

By subscribing to the "Masjid Today" newsletter, you’ll be the first to read:

  1. our tips on fundraising in your Masjid;
  2. how to counsel married couples;
  3. how to help families in your Masjid;
  4. best ways to tackle community issues;
  5. successful methods of reaching out to struggling Muslim youth;
  6. khutba outlines;
  7. and much, much more!

Why My Masjid TodayIt’s far past time we all shared our knowledge and experiences to help each other reach out to the struggling Muslims in our neighborhoods, particularly the youth above all.

Through the "Masjid Today" newsletter, we hope you will learn, grow, and contribute your own unique experiences to the dialog. We look forward to your feedback, and hope we may give you ideas about your own Masjid and help you connect with other Imams and Masjid personnel as well.

Read Masjid Today Newsletter Online:

Newsletter #1: Take Your Masjid to the Next Level in 2011
Newsletter #2: Reaching Out: Easy Tips To Maximize Your Masjid’s Impact

Newsletter #3: >Green Masjids >Accountability in Organizations >Prophet's Mosque
Newsletter #4: >Masjid Library >Black History Month at Masjid >Transformational Leadership
Newsletter #5: >What Masjids can do for Social Services >Ramadan Khutbas >Speaking to Empower
Newsletter #6: >Hiring the Right Imam >Persistence >Masjids in the News

Seven Reasons to Sign Up for this Newsletter:

  • Connect: Every Imam feels the need to connect, share ideas and learn from their colleagues. The Masjid Today newsletter provides you with Imams’ voices and an opportunity for your voice to be heard.
  • Grow: Many of us choose to work in Masjids because we love our faith and want to teach others to love it, too. But our time is limited. The Masjid Today newsletter gets information and wisdom to your inbox, and we strive for quality and concision.
  • Contribute: Being an Imam means that you’ve decided to give back to the community. We hope that the Masjid Today newsletter gives you many opportunities to grow to our collective wisdom that can help to build lasting institutions. We also hope many of you will contribute articles.

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