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Marriage Today

Why "Marriage Today"?
Message from the Editor

Aneesah NadirAt the launch of our initial issue we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in the online newsletter, "“Marriage Today". This is a collaboration between Sound Vision and the Islamic Social Services Association-USA.

We look forward to providing information about marriage, ways to strengthen marriage, tips for couples facing challenges in marriage and plain ole testimonials of how couples have established successful bonds overtime. We will also feature articles and tips for those preparing for marriage.

This newsletter plans to address marriage from the premarital phase through the various phases of marriage to end of marriage by death or divorce. Writers will also discuss marriage in the Quran and the Prophetic Tradition as well as marriage among Muslims and in the larger society.

The good news is that Americans of various faiths and traditions are still getting married. And Muslims are still following the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, regarding getting married. Nationally, a significant number of couples report marital content, happiness in marriage.

However the challenge is that approximately half of U.S. marriages and 34 percent of Muslim marriages end divorce. Domestic violence is all too common. Sadly approximately 1 out of 10 women experience domestic abuse in Muslim homes. Too many couples are unhappy and are in violent marital relationships. The tranquility (sakinah), compassion (mawadah) and mercy (rahmah) that Allah tells us should be in marriage is not there for too many of us.

Communication is reported to be the number one marital problem. The stress of limited finances and the inability to manage whatever finances the couple has is also a major problem along with the growing problem of infidelity, yes even among Muslims.

The theme of our first issue is “Preparing for the Marriage, Not Just the Wedding.”It's summer wedding time! So, we offer wedding planning tips and a checklist for preparing for the wedding. We also want to focus readers on the importance of preparing for married life. We have included a feature article and tips on helping you prepare for a healthy married life.

Look for "Marriage Today" online every month. Discuss the articles with your spouse, your friends, as part of halaqas and study groups. If you are interested in sharing your tips and experience in marriage please contact us.

Aneesah Nadir
Marriage Today

Sound Vision
helping tomorrow's Muslims today!

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Anas Coburn, Putney, VT - wrote on 7/1/2010 9:31:52 AM
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Comment: Congratulations to you, to ISSA-USA, and to Soundvision, for starting this needed newsletter. A good marriage is sooo important, but let's face it, it isn't always easy. I look forward to benefitting your effort. May Allah reward you well.

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