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October 18, 2011
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Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October is a Domestic Violence awareness month. Events are being held all over the USA to raise awareness about this crime.

Check out Project Sakinah's programs in Chicago on Oct. 23, 2011.

Moreover, ASK YOUR IMAM to deliver Khutba on Domestic Violence.

Divine Advice:
Is Your Marriage Complete?

"Whoever has married has completed half of his religion," said Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him (Bayhaqi).

Marriage brings joy and bliss. It is also a most demanding training ground of faith.

By claiming marriage to be 'half the religion' the Blessed Prophet was not making an idle statement. When a human couple strives hard to get their marriage and family right in the eyes of God, they are indeed well on the road to Paradise.

For it is love which makes a marriage--not a soppy, sentimental kind of romantic dream, but the sort of love which will roll up its sleeves and get stuck into the mess; the sort of love which will hang on to you when everyone else has turned against you.

(Source: The Muslim Marriage Guide by Ruqaiyyah Waris Maqsood, p. 7-8)

The Fundamentals of a Fulfilling Marriage

By Shahina Siddiqui

Faith: The most basic and essential attribute of a Muslim marriage is the common faith that binds the couple.

Since Islam is a way of life and not just a religion confined to weekly worship it becomes an integral part of a Muslim's life. The frame of reference shared by the couple eases communication and sharing of values which is not possible in an interfaith marriage. It is highly recommended that faith play an important role in the developing a loving relationship.

For example, as the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said, that when a husband feeds his wife, he gets a reward for this act and Allah increases the bond of love between them. So when we love each other for the sake of Allah WE ACTUALLY INCREASE OUR FAITH.

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18 Tips to Simplify Your Spending
By Samana Siddiqui

Simplify Your SpendingThe simplicity movement has swept across America. People are sick of the rat race-the fast-paced, stressful culture that has developed. They want to kick back, relax and live simpler, much less complicated lives.

Sadly, Muslims are not immune from the rush for the material trappings of modern society. Here are are some tips to help you simplify your life's material side, and see the bigger picture. Read More >

Unclutter Your Life: Reclaim Your Mind, Body, and Wallet
By Shehnaz Toorawa

Unclutter Your LifePeople in North America work longer hours than in any other industrialized country. Despite fewer people per household, the size of homes continues to expand rapidly. Advertisements fill our eyes every minute—in schools, bathrooms, on food, on buses and even in the sky. They compel us to consume, consume and consume, regardless of what we own or earn.

What are the consequences of this compulsive consumer lifestyle? Read More >

A Sample Budget for a Muslim Family

Family BudgetThe following budget form is largely based on information from a pre-marriage program developed for married Muslim couples by Muslim counselor Shahina Siddiqui, executive director of the Winnipeg, Canada-based Islamic Social Services Association (ISSA).
Read More >ss

Domestic Violence Hurts Muslims Too: Stop the Hurt Now
By Dr. Aneesah Nadir

Stop ViolenceThree to four million women are beaten annually and every 15 seconds a woman is abused in her home. One reaction may be, "that's a tragedy that doesn't effect Muslim families." But it does.

While research on the prevalence of family violence among Muslims is just beginning, Imams, community leaders and social workers across North America confirm that Muslim women, children and men are being affected by this devastating social problem. Read More >


Managing Conflict: Dealing with the In-Laws

Marital Disputes
In-laws are the focus of blame and reproach when there are marital disputes.

But there are ways to maintain a good relationship with them. Here are some tips:

  • Remember your spouse's parents have known them longer and loved them longer. Never make an issue about "me or them".

  • Let respective parties settle their own disputes. If your mother-in-law has a problem with her husband, let them deal with it. Don't interfere

  • Don't tell your spouse how to improve their relationship with their parents.

  • Expect some adjustment time for parents after marriage to adjust to this new relationship.

  • Remember that mothers are usually skeptical about daughter-in-laws and fathers about son-in-laws. Read More >


Caring CouplesTip of the Month:
For Caring Partners

Never go to bed with an unsettled argument; learn to have differences without letting them affect your relationship.
(Source: Blissful Marriage by Drs. Ekram and M. Rida Beshir, p. 273)

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