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November 18, 2011
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Did You Know?

American Men and Women Wait Longer to Marry

In 2010, the median age at first marriage for American men increased to 28.2 from 26.8 and for American women to 26.1 from 25.1 in 2000, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

This increase is a continuation of a long-term trend that has been noted since the mid-1950s.

Divine Advice:
God's Khalifa at Home

God has made us stewards, the khulafa, the guardians of this wondrous planet and its lifeforms. And the most important lifeform that we will ever have to cherish is our own partner, our husband or wife. From that person, we are intended to produce in love the Muslims of the next generation, and set them on their own ways with our examples and encouragement.

With that person, we are supposed to build up our own lives, free from fears and resentments and uncertainties, so that we can concentrate on filling our 'space' with love and the service of God.

(Source: The Muslim Marriage Guide by Ruqaiyyah Waris Maqsood, p. 10-11)

The Fundamentals of a Fulfilling Marriage

By Shahina Siddiqui

Forgiving: When the Prophet Muhammad asked his Companions ‘do you wish that Allah should forgive you' they said, of course O Prophet of Allah. He responded, ‘then forgive each other'.

One of the main components of a happy marriage is that the spouses are able to forgive, that they do not hold grudges or act judgmental towards each other. It is expected that when we live with someone, situations may arise when we end up saying or doing things that hurt our spouses. The challenge is not to dwell on it or lay blame but to move past it. This can only happen if we are not too proud to ask for forgiveness and we are not stingy to forgive.

If we expect Allah to forgive us than we must learn to forgive.


10 Ways to Shower Your Spouse with Appreciation
By Staff Writer

10 Ways to Shower Your Spouse with AppreciationWhy is it that today if some “stranger” offers you a drink or holds the door for you, you jump to thank them even before their act of kindness is completed, and yet, you show no gratitude to your husband or wife’s hard work all day long?

Every day is filled with wonderful opportunities to tell the special person in your life, how grateful you are for this relationship. Here are some simple ways to shower your husband or wife with well-deserved appreciation everyday. Read More >

18 Ways to Achieve Greatness through Gratefulness
By Taha Ghayyur

18 Ways to Achieve Greatness through GratefulnessWhether you consider yourself a positive, easy-going person or a demanding, hard to please person, these tips can help you become a more grateful, caring, and content individual.

There is much more to gratitude and Shukr (thankfulness) in Islam than a mere “Thank You” that our ears have become so used to ignoring. Discover how you can be more thankful to Allah and His creation. Read More >

Marriage: Myth & Reality
By Wahida Valiante

Marriage: Myth & Reality Many Muslims have bought into the same myth of Hollywood and Bollywood love that focuses on self-gratification, narcissism and the "me first" mantra that surfaced so unashamedly in the 1980s. In the mythical land of movies, the love-struck hero and heroine sail through any difficulties by singing, dancing, drinking and believing in “happily ever after,” feeding the illusory expectation that this will indeed happen to ordinary folks in real life.
Read More >ss

Canadian Muslim Organizations, Leaders & Imams Issue Call to Action to Eradicate Domestic Violence

Stop ViolenceProminent national as well as local Muslim organizations, community leaders and activists, as well as Imams from across Canada are joining together to issue a Call to Action to Eradicate Domestic Violence.

This Call highlights six ways Canadian Muslims can intensify their efforts to abolish all forms of domestic violence. As a first step, it calls on Imams across Canada to draw attention to December 6, the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women by devoting their sermons on Friday, December 9 to the issue. Read More >ss

Managing Conflict Advice of the Month:
Dealing with the In-Laws

Marital Disputes
In-laws are the focus of blame and reproach when there are marital disputes.

This month, here are some tips to maintain healthy relations with your in-laws:

  • Always treat your in-laws with compassion, respect and mercy.
  • Maintain a balance between your needs and that of your in-laws.
  • Never compare your wife to your mother or your husband to your dad.
  • Do not go to your parents with your quarrels.
  • If you are supporting your parents financially inform your spouse as a matter of courtesy and clarity. Read More >


Caring CouplesTip of the Month:
For Caring Partners

Express opinions in a calm and polite way. Do not shout or yell. Learn to keep your cool even at the most tense moments and learn to be kind to each other.

(Source: Blissful Marriage by Drs. Ekram and M. Rida Beshir, p. 279)

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