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Links You can Use

Want to learn more about Black History Month? Looking for some ideas of what you can do in class?

so, check out these links to Black History Month and African history which Sound Vision has compiled. Please note that Sound Vision does not condone all of the material presented on these sites.

1. FamilyEducation.com's Black History Month page at:

2. A Timeline of the American Civil Rights Movement at:

3. African American history

4. Civil Rights in America Timelines (Christian Science Monitor)

5. A Library of Congress Resource Guide for the Study of Black History and Culture

6. Britannica encyclopedia online

This is a great search engine. In fact, most of the historical information in Sound Vision's article "Islamic Country Profile-Mali" came from this site by doing a search on "Mali" and "Mansa Musa".

7. World African Network's Black History page at

(interestingly, they never describe the Moors as "Muslims")

11 Ideas for Black History Month
A Select Bibliography about Africa and Africans
Africa, the first refuge for Muslims
Umm Ayman, May Allah be pleased with her
Black History Month: Links You Can Use
Exclusive interview with Imam Khalid Fattah Griggs
Mali: Muslim Country Profile

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