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An Act of Faith

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in Turkey

  • 4,236 students with headscarves who were detained
  • 8,238 students were denied admission to school
  • 31 prayer centers, Quran courses and religious dormitories were closed down.
  • 26,669 attacks on religious freedom

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wendy, sydney - wrote on 9/23/2005 2:29:15 AM
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Comment: assalam alakam,i am a australia muslim revert and for me to read these things i was intrested but when first opening this web site it made remmember all the people that say its ok not to wear hijab but realy its FARD.(compulsary)advise to muslim sisters be strong fight shaiton always turn to allah and ask for forgivness and inshallah you will be happy with your scarf.if a 18 year old Australian muslim girl can all you born muslims can inshallah,and the website is a good way of more knowlenge,assalam alakam

Amna, Potomac, Maryland - wrote on 3/10/2005 6:17:46 PM
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Comment: Great article!!

Lynn Ibrahim, Massachusetts - wrote on 1/2/2005 2:32:02 PM
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Comment: This article is good, but if you want to get your point across to non-believing people you must make them understand this from a level they can understand. The way hijaab may make some non-muslims feel uncomfortable is the same way to a half naked woman (which is pretty much allowed in the world as long as their private parts are covered) may make a muslim woman feel uncomfortable. It is simply just a different way of viewing something. If women are allowed to dress half naked and walk down the street than a modest woman who is religious and loves God should also have a right to cover up when she goes outside without offending anyone. This is the point I stressed to my mother when I became a muslim and she was than able to understand the whole issue better If you want non-believers to understand better and accept hijaab you must stress the good points about it so others are comfortable with it. 1. A non-believing woman can walk down the street and her husband won't ber lured by the beauty tof he muslim woman because it is allcovered up. 2. It encourages people, especially other men to regard women who wear it to be respected and not to judge her solely what she looks like. 3. It helps women to feel better about themselves because when they wear it they feel beautiful inside because they are submitting to God, silly superficial things that mattered before are not so imortant any more. 4. You must simply stress to non-believers that it is just a clothing preference difference and the scarf on the head is exactly what it is just a scarf on the head. It doesn't change who the person is. 5. When you have women who submitt to God orders by wearing the hijaab you have stronger more confident women who feel beautiful inside and who are not so caught up with the superficialalty of the society we live in. This helps jealousy and envy to subside and in place is mutual sisterhood that can be felt among the sisters. The way prophet Muhammad (Peace be on him) would have wanted the sisters of Islam to be like. Bottom line, my whole point is that you must stress the good points of hijaab in order for non-believers to understand it. It is something that is very different and extreme to them because they are used to very uninhibited women who feel freedom is showing off their goods to the world, if you stress to them that hijaab is an act of faith and also a very beautiful thing perhaps non-believers would than understand it better. Last but least, if more muslim women would get up the courage to dress as a muslim woman should dress, perhaps non-believers would get used to seeing the hijaab and wouldn't feel so wierded out by it. Human beings are creatures of habit. If we get used to seeing something than we are no longer estranged from it all.

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