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We Love Muhammad DVD - volume 1

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Adam's World 6: Thank You Allah (DVD)

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Lion of the Desert (DVD) Omar Mukhtar: 25th Anniversary 2 DVD set

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Halal & Healthy


1. Islamic Dietary Concepts and Practices. This book provides Islamic guidelines in the field of food and nutrition. By M.M. Hussaini and Ahmad Sakr. P. 165. Item # 431-008. Price: $12.75 .[Order Now]

2. The Lawful and Prohibited in Islam by Yusuf Al-Qaradawi
This book aims at fulfilling the needs of the Muslims in this modern age. It clarifies Haram and Halal and the reasoning behind restrictions. A helpful guide for Muslims in the areas of worship, business dealings and marriage to name a few. Item# 421-050. Price: $ 12.95. [Order Now]

3.Halal Slide Guide
A quick reference and a handy slide guide for shopping access. Item# 931-001. Price: $ 1.95. [Order Now]

4. My Little book About Halal and Haram. This book provides primary guidance on Halal and Haram foods. Once Halal food habits are formed, they tend to stay with children for the rest of their lives. By Mazhar Hussaini. P.45 Item #431-007. Price: $5.35 [Order Now]

5. The Food We Eat : A book for little children about all kinds of Food.
A lively and entertaining account, capturing the tastes, textures and infinite variety of food provided by Allah. By Farah Sardar, Asiya Clarke. Part of the Allah The Maker Series of the Islamic Foundation UK. Item # 420-123. Price: $ 3.95. [Order Now]

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