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The Future of Secularism
[and other interesting, if far-fetched, myths]

by Haroon Moghul

In an effort to encourage the development of fiction writing among Muslims, we at Sound Vision will be presenting the novel The Future of Secularism by Haroon Moghul, president of the Islamic Center of New York University. Amusing, analytical and intelligent, this novel presents the internal struggles of Hayy, a young Muslim college student living in a society where the pull of Islam and the pull of secularism put him at a crossroads in his life. There is much that young Muslims living and growing up in the West can relate to here.

[We hope this never-before-published novel is one that will give you a taste for modern Muslim fiction. Insha Allah, we would like to publish works from other authors in future as well. Sound Vision]

Chapter 1: In place of a birth certificate which might be Bida'
Chapter 2: On stealing from allegories of the Muslim Golden Age: how to choose names for a story
Chapter 3: On how bathrooms lead to fundamentalism
Chapter 4: Rectifying one's errors: a second way to start a revolution with a piece of cloth
Chapter 5: Polygamy and centralization
Chapter 6: The first word of the Qur'an was 'Read' and I always go to the library
Chapter 7: The first salvo
Chapter 8: The ayatollah, the mailbox and me
Chapter 9: The first time I wanted to do Namaz (the identity crisis fades for a moment or two)
Chapter 10: What makes me a man
Chapter 11: One moment later
Chapter 12: Things we feel guilty for feeling guilty about (this chapter makes even less sense than its title)
Chatper 13: Friends don't let friends drive drunk (neither do Islamists)
Chapter 14: All you have to do is leave it all behind and change everything
Chapter 15: Worship is rebellion
Chapter 16: Reflecting on getting the wrong kind of attention because you sought attention (see also Be careful what you wish for)
Chapter 17: The Sultan's new clothes
Chapter 18: The Sultan thinks about his kingdom
Chapter 19: The return of the man
Chapter 20: Absal and I








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rayie, singapore - wrote on 6/29/2003 1:13:09 PM
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Comment: may i know where is the second part of this book? or is it already published in hard copy? coz if it is, it's hard for me coming from the other half of the world to get my hands on it. to haroon, u might have heard this many times, but this is an astounding work.

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