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The Prophet's Hands [Dawud Wharnsby]- CD

$12.95 $11.95
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The History of the Quranic Text From Revelation to Compilation [Sheikh M M Al-Azami]

$40.00 $34.95
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Adam's World: Alif for Allah (DVD)

$17.95 $15.00
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Eid-ul-Adha Gift Center

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FREE Deals: FREE Islamic Jewelry, FREE stickers, FREE balloons, Latest Adam's World Video FREE

Beautiful silver "Allah" necklace Price: $25 Item# 9377-001

An elegant sterling silver necklace that makes the perfect gift. This necklace's elegant 16 inch rope chain holds a delicate circular pendant with "Allah" embossed in the center. The edges of the pendant are bordered with an intricate design.

Made in Thailand, a country renown for its beautiful silver jewelry.


Lovely "Ayatul Kursi" necklace Price $29 Item # 9377-002

This pure silver necklace features a 16 inch snake chain and a rectangle shaped pendant. Ayatul Kursi, (2:255 of the Quran) is etched onto it. The pendant is bordered by an intricate heart-shaped-like design.

This is a product of Thailand, the home of incredible silver jewelry.


Elegant "Aytatul Kursi" necklace Price: $35 Item#: 9377-003

This 16 inch rope chain of pure silver holds an elegant pendant featuring Ayatul Kursi (2:255 of the Quran), which is also in pure silver. The rectangle shaped pendant is bordered by an inlaid delicate design.

The work of Thai jewelers, well-known for their beautful skill in silver jewelry.


All-new kids cartoon! Price: $19.95 Item # 1376-001

Are your kids now bored with the last Muslim kids' cartoon you bought them. Then you've got to get them this LATEST 75-minute cartoon "Hay: The Gazelle Child". Hay, a little boy, has grown up on a remote island, raised by gazelles. But as he gets older, he begins to notice the differences between himself and other creatures. Stunning and beautiful animation and scenery. A must-have in every children's home video library!


Whole Quran on CD! Price: $58.89 Item # 745-002

Get this incrediable must-have Eid deal. Get the whole Quran on CD recited in Tarteel by the world's most well-known Qari, Abdul Basit Abdus Samad.

Regular price............$69.00
Our Eid price..........$58.89


Whole Quran on cassette! Price: $39.89 Item#: #221-066

This is another amazing Eid deal. Get the whole Quran on a set of audiocassettes in Tarteel by Qari Mohamad Saddig Al Minshawi!

Regular price............$58.00

Our special Eid price..$39.89
(SAVE OVER $10.00)


Special Hajj season deal! $59 # 9100-037

Get this incrediable must-have Hajj season deal. Buy Al-Qari Plus and get the video Take me to the Kaba FREE! Offer ends March 15th, 2001

Regular total............$78.95
Our Eid price..........$59.00

(SAVE $19.95)


Kids' Eid-ul-Adha Gift Pack #1 $49 #9100-033

This incredible Eid deal includes a great audiocassette pack of Islamic stories for kids, the wonderful Colors of Islam songs cassette and a pack of bright and colorful Eid balloons.
Regular total............$61.90

Our special Eid price..$49.00
(SAVE $12.90)


Kids' Eid-ul-Adha Gift Pack #2 $19.95 #9100-034

This fantastic deal includes the Adam's World video One Big Family which features great songs from the hit series and 15 lovely Eid balloons.
Regular total...............$24.95
Our special Eid price.....$19.95
(SAVE $5)


Adults' Eid-ul-Adha Gift Pack $20 #9100-035

This audio deal includes four fantastic cassettes at unbelievable prices! You'll get Timeless Wisdom, the 30th part of the Quran in Arabic, with English translation by Dawud Wharnsby-Ali; two tapes of Hadith on audio: Gifts from Muhammad and 40 Hadith, as well as the landmark book on audio Witnesses Unto Mankind by Syed Abul Ala Mawdudi.
Regular total...............$30.00

Our special Eid price.......$19.95
(SAVE $10!))


Sisters' Eid-ul-Adha Gift Pack $29.95 #9100-036

This gift pack is ideal for any aspiring Muslimah. It includes the incredible video Hijab: An Act of Faith; the landmark book Gender Equity in Islam and the two-audiocassette item Best Women Reciters of the Quran.
Regular total.....................$35.90
Our special Eid price...........$29.95
(SAVE over $3)


Eid Party Pack $39 #9100-030

Our Eid party pack includes the following great festive items. They include one 12"X48" Banner with Arabic and English Eid Mubarak and Arabesque patterns, 15 Colorful 12" Latex Eid Mubarak balloons, one Henna/mehendi kit (6 items), 2 Rolls of 100 feet each Streamers, 10 Eid Cards by leading Muslim artists.


Adam's World 2002 Pack $199 #110-211

This Adam's World super set gives you all 14 episodes of the award-winning Adam's World Series by saving you over $80 on the total prices. Click here for More Learning Gift Items
Regular total....................$279.30
Our special Eid price...........$199


5 Super Hit Islamic Song Albums $25-$45

Six years in the making. The Songs which have taken over Islamic America and Europe. All songs of Dawud Wharnsby Ali and more.
The Bundle includes: Sunshine, Dust and the Messenger, Road to Madinah, Whisper of Peace, The Colors of Islam and Allah Helps you Grow.

(SAVE 30%)

Order CD Cassette

Henna Party Pack $25.95 # 9100-028
This beautifull eid tradition from the Middle East and South Asia (also known as Mehendi) has finally reached America. It is designed to be a fun experience (minus all the mess). Comes with 8 classic instant press on designs, instructions, 3 tubes of 90 grams total, 3 applicators and tips

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FREE Deals: FREE Islamic Jewelry, FREE stickers, FREE balloons, Latest Adam's World Video FREE

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