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The 10 Occupations with the fastest employment growth, 2000-2010
Numbers in Thousands of Jobs

Occupation 2000 2010
Computer software engineers, applications 380 760 380 100
Computer support specialists 506 996 490 97
Computer software engineers, systems software 317 601 284 90
Network and computer systems administrators 229 416 187 82
Network systems and data communications analysts 119 211 92 77
Desktop publishers 38 63 25 67
Database administrators 106 176 70 66
Personal and home care aides 414 672 258 62
Computer systems analysts 431 689 258 60
Medical assistants 329 516 187 57


Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics,
United States Department of Labor

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ukthi Fafa, Härnösand - wrote on 6/9/2010 12:08:44 PM
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Comment: manshAllah,this help me very much.shukran.

M.Faraz Baig, Gulbarga,India - wrote on 7/16/2005 1:20:49 AM
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Comment: great site,and about the career planning, the computer technology will have the sky as the limit,well actually I hav opted for Bachelor in Computer Sciecne ie B.E.,all my relatives were telling me that it has lost its value ,now I hav saved the page as a proof to tell them about Computers in future ,well I to will be looking forward for Islamic Updates,till then Allah-Hafiz

aasma, - wrote on 5/2/2005 8:02:32 AM
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Comment: aslamalakom. this site is brillant for us young muslims. thanks very much. i know where to go now. allahfiz

abdulrahim, saudi arabia - wrote on 12/30/2004 5:00:05 PM
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Comment: Thank u so much for this very informative site....alhamdulillah i have subscribed to it the first time i visited this great site.......Jazakallah humul khair........Congratulation....A great website indeed. wassalam!

Ali Sepda H, Jakarta - wrote on 9/28/2004 11:17:47 AM
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Comment: The most helpfull guidence in pursuing a career. Year 2000 to 2010 computer era where people can be seperated with.

Arno, Cape Town -> South Africa - wrote on 3/8/2003 3:00:43 AM
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Comment: Very, very interesting & applicable i.t.o an essay I'm writing regarding the changing job market for IS professionals.

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