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Some Missing Duas from Our Prayers

Abdul Malik Mujahid

Dua is a Muslim's way of asking God for His blessings for himself or herself and for others.

I have been to many Masjids and have asked others to make Dua as well. There are many prayers that are missing from our collective Duas. I request you to make the following Duas as an expression of our concern for humanity.

For Prisoners and the Oppressed

Dua: May Allah give them the strength to deal with their ordeals. May He guide them to the Right Path. May He give them Sabr. May Allah give strength to Muslim leaders and civil right activists. May Allah protect all minorities who are caught up in an increasingly hostile and conflict-ridden world.

Facts: America has the largest number of prisoners in the world, many of them innocent. There have been more than 212,000 Muslims who have been interviewed, finger printed, detained, deported etc. Christian minorities in the Muslim world are also facing danger as ignorant people seek revenge from them for distant events. Unfortunately we are killing freedom at home while claiming to spread it around the globe.

For Iraqis and Afghans

Dua: May Allah give them strength to achieve self-reliance, freedom and democracy. May He give Sabr to those who continue to suffer.

Facts: Iraqis are now 58 times more likely to die a violent death than before the war. While about 4,000 coalition soldiers have died, more than a million Iraqi civilians have been killed through the US bombing. No one knows how many Afghans have died as no scientific study has been done about this. There seems to be no end to the suffering of people.

For Muslims in China, India and the Philippines

Dua: May Allah give them Sabr to deal with their ordeal. May God put mercy in the hearts of neighbors towards each other.

Facts: In the last few days more than 500 Muslims have been killed in China, India and the Philippines. They are the new victims of Islamophobia. These Muslims have increasingly been subjected to post-9/11 pressures and stereotypes that have further aggravated their lives. Many Muslims in these countries are poor and forced to adopt a non-Muslim sounding name to find a job.

For Palestine, Kashmir & Chechnya

Dua: May Allah give the innocent strength to deal with the oppression they face. May Allah give them freedom. May Allah change the hearts of their enemies. May He guide those who harm innocent civilians.

Facts: Like other freedom movements around the world, these people are suffering badly and no one is listening to their cries. Freedom movements have become synonymous with terrorism in the world today, giving free reign to the occupiers. Many civilians are being harmed as well, sometimes by the hands of the oppressed minorities, unfortunately.

For Muslims and America

Dua: May Allah open our hearts towards our neighbors and may Allah open their hearts towards us. May He guide our leaders to work for saving the lives of our soldiers and people in the world. May Allah protect us, our neighbors and all people in the global village.

Fact: About 56 percent of all voters in this election were churchgoing Americans who are likely to be more softhearted towards others. They donate their wealth for the Christian missionaries and movements. Urban cosmopolitan America and its minorities must find ways to communicate with them, explaining that saving lives in the world is as important as winning "souls for Jesus".

For Yourself

Dua: Ya Allah, liberate me from fear. Give me the wisdom to think positively; give me the courage to stand by the truth; give me the openness to connect to those who avoid me; give me a smile, a clean heart and a winning attitude which conquers others; give me more of the world so I can spend in Your Path; give me the perspective that I need to remain satisfied with what You bless me with.

Ya Allah, forgive my sins and shortcomings and allow me to enter Jannah. Keep me on the Straight Path once You have guided me to it.

Fact: Despite enjoying many material blessings of God, Muslims in America are living in a virtual internment camp. We are afraid to participate, scared to donate, and worried about our future. Some of us are even changing our names or leaving the country. It is more important now for people to dedicate their lives to the cause of bridge building in their communities and connecting with their neighbors.

Your Comments

ISLAM ALI, LONDON - wrote on 2/21/2011 1:28:32 PM
Rating: Rating

Comment: Mashallah!

AFTAB.Z.A, JEDDAH.KSA. - wrote on 8/31/2010 3:07:12 PM
Rating: Rating


Fatimah, Abuja- Nigeria - wrote on 8/28/2010 5:04:26 AM
Rating: Rating

Comment: Masha Allah, this is a very good one

arzoo, ayer keroh, malaysia - wrote on 4/25/2010 12:19:36 PM
Rating: Rating

Comment: masyaAllah.thank you.a good reminder for us.

Mahmoud Zubairu, Kaduna, Nigeria - wrote on 11/16/2004 5:48:55 AM
Rating: Rating

Comment: Good job keep it up.

abd'rahman abd'hafeez, united kingdom - wrote on 11/12/2004 6:26:48 AM
Rating: Rating

Comment: jazakumullah khairan.am very much impressed with the article.i pray Allah[swt] in His infinite mercy will continue to make us steadfast on this deen and grant us Al jannah firdaus[amin].

sahra, usa - wrote on 11/10/2004 7:08:52 PM
Rating: Rating

Comment: salamu calakum, it's an amazing article, may all humans eyes see this and remember these duas for all brothers and sisters in need around the world. insha allah

S D MUHAMMAD, Abuja - wrote on 11/10/2004 9:32:16 AM
Rating: Rating

Comment: Alhamdulillah,its an excellent one.May Allah bless and grant the initiator and all that raed this piece Jannatul-Firdaus,ameen.

basima, chicago - wrote on 11/10/2004 2:22:59 AM
Rating: Rating

Comment: ma shallah this is a great dua that each and everyone of us should always remember in all of our prayers thanks so much. salam

Hanif, U.K - wrote on 11/9/2004 5:25:29 PM
Rating: Rating

Comment: An excellent reminder!..... Many Thanks!

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