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Islamic Info:

This page will, Insha Allah, provide you with Islamic information not normally available on other sites. For example our section on Personal Development provides you with an outline to develop a Personal Plan, a Guide for the Personal Study of the Quran, 3 Personal Syllabuses of Islamic Studies, and an evaluation form to help in your personal Islamic growth.

Similarly our section on The Poor & Needy brings you important information regarding the state of Poverty in America and a few things you can do about it. Concern for the oppressed and underprivileged is a paramount duty in Islam which Muslims in America, unfortunately, are not yet attending to in a proper manner. Why 30 million people remain poor in one of the richest countries on earth?

Please share your suggestions and experiences with us:info@soundvision.com

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Page on women Gender Equity in Islam Hijab Page
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Page on Racism & Islam Media & Muslims Page
Page on Poverty unTV Guide
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Peace page A Page on Terrorism

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