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Al-Qari: Qari Abdul Basit:

We have chosen the best Qari of this century to provide the recitation for our full Quran section. Qari Abdul Basit Abdus Samad was from Egypt. He is the most recognizable master of the art of tajweed in the world of Islam. Some consider him to be one of the finest Qari that ever lived. He visited America a few years before he passed away. May Allah reward him for his service of the Quran.

He inspired literally hundreds and thousands of Muslims around the world to learn tajweed, the art of Quran recitation.

Al-Qari Plus provides full tarteel recitation of Qari Abdul Basit which itself is a rare gift since his tajweed recitation is more easily available.

You can click on any verse for listening or go to any ayah, surah, or juz for recitation of the beautiful tilawah by Qari Abdul Basit.

Sound Vision also carries a video recitation cassette as well as his complete tajweed and tarteel recitations on audio cassettes and audio cds.

Remember to pray for him when you listen to him recite Quran. Also pray for us Sound Vision team which is bringing you Al-Qari.

....Order Now:
....Al-Qari Plus (with Full Quran): $59................Al-Qari (with 10 short Surahs): $29

....Trust a leader:

The term tarteel is derived from the Arabic root rtl meaning the recite slowly. Tarteel is measured recitation of the Quran in rhythmic tones. It follows all the rules of tajweed giving every letter its correct articulation, observing all qualities of letters. Tarteel is the method most popular reciters of the Quran use today.

Tajweed is from Arabic root jwd. Literally it means beautification or making things excellent. Muslims use this term for the rules of reciting Quran in precise accordance with the established rules of pronunciation and intonations, such as tafkheem, velarization, Ghunnah, chanting, and Iqlaab, transposition. This discipline is taught in Islamic schools as ilmut tajweed (art of tajweed).

The difference between Tarteel and Tajweed:
Tarteel and Tajweed, both, follow the rules of ilmut tajweed. Tarteel, however, is relatively faster paced then Tajweed. Unlike the word Tajweed, the term Tarteel is used by Allah in the Quran: And recite the Quran with tarteel in slow, measured rhythmic tone (73:4).

The Origin of the Art of Tajweed:
Not much is known about the historical development of the art of tajweed except a tradition which says that it was Abdullah bin Masud, may Allah be pleased with him, who first told Muslims Jawwidul Quran (Sayuti, Itqan, 1, 102). He was a well-known companion of the Prophet, Allah's peace and blessings be upon him. Hadith collections of both Muslim and Bukhari report how the Prophet used to weep when Ibn Masud recited the Quran and asked his other companions to imitate the way Abdullah ibn Masud recited.

Arabic, the language of Quran is the language of Arabs and Islam. It is one of Semitic language spoken in Arabia, Syria, Trans-Jordan, Iraq, Northern Africa and used by 1.4 billion Muslims all over the world as their religious language. Arabic is usually classified as Classical Arabic, Modern Literary Arabic, and Modern spoken or colloquial Arabic.

Classical Arabic's standard is Quran. Quran, revealed in the 6th century of Christian Era, was in the language of the people of Quraish in Makkah at that time. Quran became the unparalleled masterpiece of the Arabic language.

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