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Al-Qari: The Customers:

It's fully interactive to engage even those with short attention span. It is loaded with the sounds of the master reciters so that one can depend upon it. It has exercises for self testing.

  • Absolutely fascinating experience for me and my children. Learnt quickly and easily the reading and recitation of Quran … Nargis Gonzalez, Riverside, CA

  • Al Qari is simply “Addictive” … Naseem Razvi, Atlanta, GA

Al-Qari is used in many homes for teaching children Arabic alphabets and Quran reading. Al-Qari comes with a short guide for parents.

  • Did not find anything more ideal than Al Qari for my entire family... Della Abdullah, Sr. Clara Muhammad School, FL

Bright colorful graphics, crystal clear sound, and 44.1kHz quality recitation along with 100% interactivity makes Al-Qari a choice program for children. It is a favorite gift item. Because of the adab of the Quran, Sound Vision has refused to use music and game like things in Al-Qari.

We know a 2 year old child who recognizes Al-Qari CD by face. He starts the home computer and puts Al-Qari CD in and clicks around learning Arabic alphabets.

  • My 6 year old has learned Quran all by himself with Al-Qari's help. When I took him to an Islamic school run by Arab Muslims, they were so impressed by the quality of his recitation that they entered him a class higher than his age. A unique product, indeed – Imtiaz Halepota, NY

Al-Qari is being used at several schools in North America. An affiliate of a Saudi Arabian University has also installed it on all of their computers in their language lab. If you would like to learn how other teachers are using it, please send an email to teacher@soundvision.com.

  • I have seen children of 4 years and grown ups of 70 years old learning from Al Qari with equal ease … Ahmad Sakr, Author, Speaker and Scholar, CA

New Muslims want to learn the Quran for her or his prayers. The challenge is how to learn a language which is completely alien. Al-Qari has helped a lots of them since it has no prerequisites.

  • CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) showed a one minute report about Al-Qari showing a new Muslim Satnam Mathora learning Arabic through Al-Qari. ..Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

....Order Now:
....Al-Qari Plus (with Full Quran): $59.............Al-Qari (with 10 short Surahs): $29

....Trust a leader:

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