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**Award winning Seerah book
Ar-Raheeq Al Makhtum (The Sealed Nectar)

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What to Say When... (30 Daily Dua Flash Cards)

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Al-Qari: Arabic Alphabet

Even if you do not know anything about Arabic, you can easily learn to read
the Arabic alphabet with Al-Qari.

Dozens of interactive lessons and exercises are featured with the correct
pronunciation. Some lessons also feature animation to enhance the learning

This is one reason why Al-Qari has been so popular for beginners of all ages.
Whether its being used by a 3 year old child or at a language lab in unversity,
Al-Qari is a proven performer.

Below is a screen shot of Al-Qari. Its from one of the many lessons which
help users learn at the beginners' level. A menu bar (not shown here) takes
you to many other exercises that help master this section of the program.

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Gulzar Ahmed, Karachi Pakistan - wrote on 1/18/2012 1:38:31 AM
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Comment: I started learning the holy Quran in the age of 50 with help of Al Qari CD .Alhamdulillah I can read and recite Quran accurately.

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