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Muhammad Ali

Is Jesus Really God

This is the most favorite brochure of Muhammad Ali. He signs his name and distributes it to people he meet everywhere.

The favorite brochure which Muhammad Ali distributes is "Is Jesus Really God." It is written by neQiniso Abdullah, a former president of Muslim Community Center in Chicago. Professionally he is an executive for a Fortune 500 company.

"Is Jesus really God" was written by one who had been taught from early childhood in a Christian home to believe that Jesus and God were one and the same being. This "lesson" was so frequently repeated in songs and Sunday sermons that it was largely taken for granted, assumed to be true, and accepted without question.

As I grew older, I would on occasion wonder how Jesus could be both the "Son of God" and God too. As I accepted Islam the Quran made it very clear that God was not Jesus.

As Muslim I took another look at the Bible I had been raised with and saw within it evidence against the belief in the "sameness" of Jesus and God. The evidence to refute the common Christian belief is taken not from sources outside of Christianity, but from the very Bible the Christian accepts as the word of God. Because the contradiction lies within Christianity, it is hoped that the thinking Christian who cares to reflect, does so, and looks outside of Christianity - towards Islam - for the truth about the Supreme Being.

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Shabnam Chaka, Leicester England - wrote on 6/15/2004 7:59:54 AM
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Comment: this is gr8 makes me realise how important islam is and th@ we should not take it 4 granted that we r born muslim

sonia, bradford - wrote on 2/12/2003 4:14:56 PM
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Comment: i read the whole of this article and was very moved by it, its a great influence to muslims who are not strong in their iman (faith), may Allah SWT guide him more, and bless him.

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