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Your Comments about Sound Vision

Allah has blessed Sound Vision to teach and inform Muslims and non-Muslims about Islam through our products since our establishment over a decade ago.

Whether it's through our Adam's World Videos, our Quran computer program Al-Qari, our Islamic songs, our web radio programs on RadioIslam.com, our website, or through other products, we've received praise, and of course, healthy criticism.

Below are some examples of customer comments:

"...Why am I writing? To say 'Jazak Allah Khairan' to all of you. I have been visiting your excellent site for quite awhile, and the information I have obtained helped me tremendously on my journey to Islam.

On the 27th night of this past Ramadan, I professed my Shahada and prayed that night as a new Muslim. And as a new Muslim, your site continues to help me learn. I am one of those Western women that you mention in the Brother's Guide in the latest newsletter.

Yes, I am an American woman who is now a Muslim. I have already had to explain to a non-Muslim friend that Islam does not oppress me, so your set of articles is well-timed.

I am also striving to wear Hijab to work, and your set of articles on Hijab as well as your video I purchased, "Hijab: An Act of Faith" has been an inspiration as well as a comfort. While I have not yet taken the last step, I am working on it, praying over it, and working on my Iman (faith).

I just want you to know that you reach more than just Muslims with your site. What great Dawa work you are involved in! I will continue to be a regular customer because you offer high quality, relevant, materials for Muslims. And as a Muslimah, I sincerely appreciate the pertinent articles you provide so that both sisters and brothers can grow and learn.

Thank you again for helping me on this journey."

-Mary Chartrain, California, United States


"I just had to pen this e-mail after viewing the first three videos of the Adam's World series that I purchased recently. Mash Allah! The quality, production and content of the program is excellent. Within just a few hours my children were 'unhooked' from their Disney videos.

This is probably the wisest investment I have made on my kids' behalf thus far. I intend to purchase the whole series without delay.

Keep up the good work!"

-Rayhan Hashmey, Texas, United States


"I stumbled onto your site accidentally (I was looking for Sound Vision digital cameras), but what I saw was impressive and good! As a parent of four, I am concerned about the many images of hate, materialism and immorality presented to our children. As a software engineer, I have always shared the view that you seem to express, that knowledge is neither good or bad, it is what we do with it. While others use it in a negative way, I applaud your effort to use it in a positive way.

I'm not Islamic (I'm Christian), but I respect and am encouraged by the efforts all people who strive to influence those around them in a positive way! Your site is done very well. Again, I applaud you!"

Ken Ahern, Maryland, United States

"I love your company and the products you carry and always try to check out your website to see what new and exciting material you have recently added.  Masha Allah my friends and I find your site a great reference for many subjects.

The 40 Dawud Wharnsby Ali tapes weren't enough - everyone wants more for friends and relatives. As you may be aware, anything English is very popular here, but unfortunately many youths are falling for un-Islamic material in part due to their worshiping of anything English/Western..."

Michelle UmAziz Al-Shishani, Jordan

"Dear Sound Vision, Alhamdu lillah for all the wonderful work you are doing. May Almighty Allaah help us all to benefit. However, with all the hard work I know is going into these articles and videos etc I feel it is my duty to inform you of some errors that I have come across..."

-Shehnaz Nakshab, Hong Kong

"I congratulate Sound Vision on its excellent work throughout the years - it was fun growing up with your educational and entertaining products, and I still enjoy them today."

-A. Hussain, Ontario, Canada

"I'm writing you to tell you that it was a great idea to write about disabled Muslims, it's an important topic to talk about and I hope that people would understand what you are trying to tell them, and I'll be glad if you contact me with any more information and Insha Allah, Allah will be with you and bless you...."

-Mohammad Abdel-Aziz, Philadelphia, United States

"I have visited your website for the first [time] and I must mention that this the the best and most comprehensive Muslim website I have visited so far. You guys are doing a great job and the best I can say is that may Allah bless you all in this world and hereafter."

Sabahat Mazhar, Lahore, Pakistan

"To all the brothers and sisters who have worked towards producing the wonderful audio cassette 'Colors of Islam'.  I thank you with all my heart and pray that your reward is Paradise.  For the quality educational songs you have produced is being enjoyed by my entire family.  I am very much interested in your other works....May Allah help you to produce more quality works for our children to learn Islam from."

Ali Kara, Melbourne, Australia

"This is the first time I have discovered your web site. I am very pleased to say it is fantastic what you have done and are doing. It is particularly good to see so much information for children. In Australia the same as America, so many children are missing out on Islam. Either their parents are not that interested or they belong to a community where the mother tongue of their parents is the only language available and being born in Australia they understand the tongue of their parents but not completely enough to understand when a scholar from the home country comes out. So [at] many lectures you find the children outside. I find this very sad. But now Insha Allah with the products you are selling we can start to change this attitude."

Zainab Taylor, Australia

"I would like to congratulate you on the level of articles and the ideas of those articles that you have on your website. I just heard about you through MSANEWS and I have just subscribed myself and my sister. I also sent one of your articles and your URL to the editor of an Islamic Magazine I was involved with when I was in the states.

Jazakum Allahu Khairan for your good work, the articles are just great."

Rached Zantout, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

"[...] the service I received from Sound Vision is great.  Once, I ordered a CD, and I received a tape instead. I was still charged the price for the CD. I called about this, and the brother I spoke to was very courteous, and offered to send the CD and let me keep the tape too for free. Insha Allah, I hope to see many more companies with this kind of commitment and service."

F. Hussain, Tennessee, United States

"Jazakallah Khair for this e-mail especially regarding the Hajj guide which will be very useful as I'll be going this year and departing on the 18th. Although there is a lot of info available it helps when there are different ways of seeking that info rather than just reading books etc. Well done for the initiative, I'll be checking it out in a few moments.

Please make Du'aa (supplication) that I perform a Hajj Mabroor. May Allah (SWT) reward you for your continuous efforts and goodness for the Ummah (Muslim nation)."

-Bint Mushtaq Ahmed, London, England

"I get this Soundvision newsletter every new season, and find it extremely informative and interesting.  For example last time, around Eid time, they had very helpful and creative tips on making Eid a truly wholesome experience for kids in the US. This time it's all about vacationing and having fun in the summer. In addition, they have listings of books and videos that we can buy online.  I can personally guarantee the high quality of their products (They're not paying me to say this) for all ages."

Saima Ashraf Mozaffar, Illinois, United States

Your Comments

umar isa sulaiman, kano-nigeria - wrote on 11/25/2005 3:53:16 PM
Rating: Rating

Comment: actually soundvision have change my life.muslims and non muslims should visit this site to gain more from it.kudos soundvision.com

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