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Fatema, nuneaton - wrote on 12/18/2004 9:43:55 AM
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Comment: Mashalallah. You have truly spoke out the truth. This peom can influence peoples opinions. You express your views towards others

Biftu Dadi, seattle,wa - wrote on 11/16/2004 10:22:05 PM
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Comment:Asalamualakum wa ra ma tula e wa bara katu. mashallah!!!!! about time we had a sista speak the truth. same here everything she said it was true about me so this goes to all the islam kids who around the kofars dont let them get you to take of your scarf, lie, cheat , disrespect your parents dont do what they do! do WHAT ALLAH put you on the earth to do! Believe in ALLAH and the five pillars and that ALLAh is only one inshallah every one in this world will be muslim and convert to islam becuase islam is the one & only religion that Allah put on the world for all the brothers and sisters to believe in.Inshallah that it comes true one day.

Taibah, Canada - wrote on 9/1/2004 11:16:56 PM
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Comment:This is a very well-written poem. It really sums up what I go through at school and home.

Nadine, Canada - wrote on 8/23/2004 8:01:05 PM
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Comment:Very well written. What I love about this web site is that there are real people talking about real things (and in an English I can understand, lol). I think that you should just do what's right, and look up to Allah. He'll guide you the right way. Just be your best, God'll do the rest. Peace.

shireen, luton England! - wrote on 8/2/2004 4:52:55 PM
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Comment:MASHALLAH SIS! this poem reaches out to all the young ppl out there feeling lyk this. may allah bless you sista!

fatima, toronto - wrote on 7/24/2004 11:09:05 PM
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Comment:this is a very good poem. wonder who made it and this poem has a proper meaning not like other poems that are just made to be just read keep it up

najma, CALI - wrote on 6/22/2004 10:39:41 PM
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Comment:This poem expresses the true feelings of muslim children on America or whatever and it only means one thing. How about you do your best, then make duaa! Allah will lead you in the right path only if you want to be lead that way. Choose right over wrong, and always ask for help, never let too many emations stay inside.

Sonia, London - wrote on 6/14/2004 11:27:40 AM
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Comment:I think this poem was great, i felt she was talking about me, and that she knows me, and my problems...

niham, MN USA - wrote on 5/20/2004 6:20:40 PM
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Comment:why only muslims and not others they call me terrorist why me , all the non- muslims are running away from me why only muslims no one wants to see me every where i go, every plan i want to travel with they such me they call a terrorist usamas family and every bad word they wan to tell me why only muslims

Zainab, Canada - wrote on 5/18/2004 5:01:52 PM
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Comment:So true sis....so true!

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