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OUALID, ALGERIA - wrote on 6/23/2010 4:13:52 PM
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Comment:this website is the best for me, because it can help all teen muslims, i hope somme one will contact me and shere some informations and ideas about islam ( saladin266@live.fr ) may god bless you. SALAM ALAYKOUM

$abeeha, Durban Mugrave - wrote on 4/22/2010 1:23:47 PM
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Cici, Indonesia - wrote on 10/11/2005 6:39:14 PM
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Comment:This site is great because it can help me to know how the teens muslim in a country with minority of muslim people can learn how to be a good muslim and it also told me the muslim life in the other side of this world.

nick, new jersey - wrote on 5/1/2005 6:57:45 PM
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Comment:i just wanna say that this comment page is extremly helpful, thank u

Hafsa, Toronto - wrote on 3/31/2005 7:55:01 PM
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Comment:It's a really good site for the youth to learn Islam. It's helped me a lot .

Ashia, Bradford - wrote on 3/25/2005 10:39:31 AM
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Comment:This site is very useful and inshallah it will help me in my deen too, jazakallah

noman, karachi pakistan - wrote on 3/16/2005 1:45:51 PM
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Comment:first i want to pay salam all of u who r reading my comments about this site i visited this website n i found very well in the favour of guiding new generation coz new generation is very far from islam some selfish persons hijeck the islam n they r giving wrong meaning of islam to the people n i m very glad to see this site coz this is helping to the people n i m very thankful to the founder of this site

Latifa, London/UK - wrote on 3/13/2005 7:22:09 AM
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Comment:Assalmn Alaykum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatu May Allah guide those misguided and help all those who struggle, on the right path. Mashallah, peoples comments are great. Today the society for teen muslims is getting harder and harder, we a surrounded with haram music, terrible imagery and etc. It is very hard if u don't live in an islamic coutry especially, an if u have non-muslim friends such as I. But inshallah all I can say is. BE STRONG IN YOUR FAITH, PRAY 5 TIMES A DAY AN BELEIVE IN THE MERCIFUL ALLAH, AND MUHAMAD IS HIS LAST MESSENGER. Go to as many lectures that are in mosques as u can, inshallah. Wa Alakum Assalm

ruksana, uk - wrote on 1/8/2005 12:38:54 PM
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Comment:Salaam - i luv this site it has got so much to offer. there is not much out there for us really but i thnk this compensates lol. the only thing i would recommend to my 'teen' sisterz is www.skyborn.co.uk as they have a wicked girls only page. keep up all ur hard work soundvision - this rocks!

kirin nabi, rhode island - wrote on 12/13/2004 9:52:04 PM
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Comment:salams! alhumdulillah the website has had a positive overall response, but it needs updates, please help, it can only be relevant and be kept real if we make it that way, share your voice, your time and your experiences. please write and send your pieces to me, at kirin_nabi@yahoo.com, inshaAllah we will keep posting knew stuff and learning from each other, ameen, your sister in islam kirin patel nabi

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