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immad, aurora, il - wrote on 1/17/2010 4:31:42 AM
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Comment:Wonderful analysis and article.

Goran Omar Bockman, Spain - wrote on 12/8/2005 12:08:33 PM
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Comment:Salaam wa Shalom! Happy to read of Muslims and Jews reestablishing its traditional alliance. Here in Spain we still see the remains of the greatness this alliance brought. Let me add that Jewish troops from Spain were instrumental in the swift conquering of this land and were highly trusted by the Muslim commander Tariq. This is shown by the fact that Jewish troops were left to defend some of the most important cities, among them Seville. Long live the alliance of believers, be they Jews, Christians or Muslims! Wassallam/ Omar

Faiz A. Nasir, W.Y.England - wrote on 5/24/2005 7:21:35 AM
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Comment:Great approach by Shaul NYC dated 12/31/04. one would say 'Labbaik' and raised the voice more laud and clear.Let us take off our hands from our eyes and put both of our hands on our hearts. Let all to believe in Justice and Justice only to stop killing of innocent every where.

shaul, NYC - wrote on 1/9/2005 10:43:20 PM
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Comment:The tone of the comments here are very promising. I am constantly working hard in the Jewish community to drive home the point that at least 85% of Muslims in the world do not support Militant Jihadist {terrorist} activity~ there are many Americans that don't get this....that don't get that it's the minority of fundamentalists that have grabbed the bull horn and make a lot of noise,, and that it is not always so easy to raise your voice in places like Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebenon, Palestine etc...but I have seen the beginnings of a formal and earnest Reformation amongst Kindred spirits that is currently winding up to make a move,,,a power move to make the voice of Islam that is fashioned after the period of peace between the people of the book,, and are prepared to take the sweetest parts of Islam and emphasis them,, the parts that embrace democracy and pluralism.. People are not asking any more for the most part, where are the descenting Muslim voices? We are hearing you now,, I am bouncing the sound you make into the Jewish community~ I am trying to do my part,, keep doing what you are doing,, it's working. Salam, shaul

Rosenberg, Chicago - wrote on 1/8/2005 9:06:18 PM
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Comment:One really good book about Muslim Spain and the contributions of Muslim, Jews and Christians at the time is "The Ornament of the World: How Muslims, Jews, and Christians Created a Culture of Tolerance in Medieval Spain" by Maria Rosa Menocal. The book highlights the cooperation between these three religious groups under Muslim leadership. It is an eye-opener, especially for those who believe that Muslims cannot offer a society to the world that is just, pluralistic and progressive. A highly recommended read.

Shaul , NYC - wrote on 12/31/2004 1:43:50 AM
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Comment:The article makes an effort to shed light on the peaceful relationship Islam enjoyed with Judaism in various periods of history. It is nice to see people looking for these peaceful times with an an eye and interest of creating peace in the near future. The history of Palestinian and Israeli relations is not quite as simple as the author alleges though. There is a lot of study that must be pursued with an open mind from both Arabs and Jews. For example, to the question, are there cases where Jews expelled Arabs from their homes and their land? Yes. However there is another question that must be asked as well, Are there nearly a million Jews that were expelled from their homes in many Arabic Muslim countries during the years of 1948-1952? Yes. Were most of the lands that Jews live on in Palestine-Israel bought from Arabs through the national fund and from people as prominant as even the Mufti of Jeruslam? Yes. Did Engand make conflicting promises about this land to both the Jews and the Arabs? Yes. Did this create some of the hard feelings? Yes. Were Palestinians offered about half of the land in 1948? Yes. Did the Palestinan's reject this partition plan and decide to attack Israel nstead? Yes. Did this occur again in 1967 and 1973? Yes. Did Israeli's Prime Minister offer 97% of the West Bank and East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine to Arafat? Yes. And did Arafat reject this offer. Yes? Is it possible that Arafat never wanted a Palestinian state for his people but rather used the Palestinain cause to galvanize the Fundamentalist Movement within Islam? Yes. Isn't it time we live in peace and simply face facts like I have outlined? Yes. Am I open to hear other facts that you may like to share with me that I have not mentioned here. Yes, I would. I am not afraid of facts nor should you be afraid of facts. I am glad that you all are trying to make things better. Let's all decide to learn more, Love more, understand more and strive for peace more. Shalom=Salam. Shaul

yunusahmed, bijapur karnataka INDIA - wrote on 12/11/2003 6:13:44 AM
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Comment:Asalam alaikum- this is a good artical indeed.hope this artical takes out the misunderstanding between both the communities,Insha-Allah

Karla, Florida - wrote on 10/2/2003 4:56:19 PM
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Comment:Assalamu Alaikum- Insha'Allah there will be more articles like this...so that we can work to end the anti-Semitism that exists all too frequently in Muslim communities today. Insha'Allah one day soon there will be justice and peace for Muslims and Jews.

kamaldeen.A.Lawal, Lagos,Nigeria - wrote on 9/17/2003 6:47:58 AM
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Comment:Assalam alaykum! This is just to appreciate your effort in rekinle the mutual relationship enjoyed by both jews and muslims in the past as illustrated in your article. I'm very sure that this article we go a long way in bringing peace and progress to the world. As a muslim,we need to do more dawah through our daily interaction with our brothers in islam and people of other religion.May Allah continue to shower his blessing on you. Kamaldeen

sarah, san francisco - wrote on 9/8/2003 9:09:30 PM
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Comment:It's wonderful to see so many people committed to furthering mutual understanding and respect between Jews and Muslims - rather than fanning flames of rage and hostility as others have resorted to in these difficult times. May God bless you and reward your efforts!

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