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Maryam Alege, Lagos, Nigeria - wrote on 4/19/2004 9:01:45 AM
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Comment:Jazakallah Khearan for this and others well reseached, up to date and well circulated articles. May Allah (SWT) continue to increase us all in knowledge, give us the ability to know that which are good and be able to follow them, show us those that are bad and give us the ability to shun them.To me all these are all about Ikhlas and Niyyah. If our intentions are pure and in tune with that which Allah has commanded us to do, even with TV we wouldn't derail. I agree that the Kids need close monitoring with the tube. Every Parent should strive to impact what is good to those Upcoming Muslims. Ma Salam.

Dawoud, New York City - wrote on 4/18/2004 9:39:17 PM
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Comment:Asalaam alaikum, Well done! I got sick of TV about four years ago and called the cable company to tell them to getthis thing out of my home. I have no regrets. What I find truly horrifying is that now that I am outside the influence of the idiot box I see how much damage that thing actually causes! Mind you, I do miss the science and art / culture / music programs. But despite the fact that I am (more or less) immune to their poison, I will not drink it with my breakfast! Those who still look at the tube, I have a suggestion. Listen for a particular catch phrase or new word that is repeated over and over. Two months or less later, the public will be repeating that same phrase without any idea where it came from. Is there any surprise why its called "programming"? May Allah bless and protect us all. Ma'a Salaam, Dawoud

Mohamad Muhazni Mukhtar, Kajang, Malaysia - wrote on 4/15/2004 9:42:16 PM
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Comment:Assalamu'alaikum. Fantastic effort. We should have officialised this in Malaysia. In a smaller scale, let me start and see how it goes. Whether I am up to it. As parents are usually the best example. Maybe, just maybe, one hour exception for my weekly dose of CSI. Ok, that one will go too.

zaynab, atlanta - wrote on 4/15/2004 5:24:40 PM
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Comment:excellent article! i liked all the tips. however, a word of caution about the internet. the internet is not a good alternative to tv! there are literally thousands of websites devoted to pornography, particularly child pornography. also, the anonymity of the internet makes it possible for sick adults to pose as children, while luring real children into dangerous situations. please be aware that children's internet use has to be strictly monitored!!!

bilan yussuf, uk - wrote on 11/29/2003 7:08:13 AM
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Comment:Salaamu'alaikum i think this writting id fair enough and and gives me a point i shouldn;t watch t.v is also gives advice and tells you other way to spend a day without watching tv, is good, very good

hamda, Australia - wrote on 8/31/2003 5:01:19 AM
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Comment:Asaalaamu aliakum brothers and sisters in ISLAM. All priase and thanks are for Allah the most merciful the gracious, none can missguide that of whom ALLAH guided and none can guide that of whom ALLAH missguided. We ask for HIS guidance to the right path. The impact of TV brothers and sisters is not limited to a personal issue but rather has became a virus in almost every mulisms family, it stoped our teenagers from going to islamic lessions, fathers/mothers from spending some quality time with their families, a wife/husband from fullfilling the rights they have upon one another, the men from heeding for the cause of ALLAH, the elders from the remembrance of ALLAH at all times and most of all made us deaf, dump and blind from the signs of ALLAH. And so i sometimes fear that it might be a calamity from ALLAH. O our LORD guide us to ALsiiradh Almustaqin and make us among those YOU have guided, Amin. wasalmu aliakum wr wb.

Bin Jamil, London - wrote on 8/30/2003 11:31:38 AM
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Comment:JazakAllaah Khair, ver y good article and some very good points to consider. Internet can be another option and it is true that there is less control over it. which can pose as a greater problem that the TV. Best thing is to have the computer in the living room where it can be monitered. You can also control the websites that are visited by changing some of the internet options. There is some great advice in the article however. May Allah reward you in the fullest, Ameen.

Sania S. , New York - wrote on 8/7/2003 8:55:54 PM
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Comment:Asalam-u-alykum Wr Wb I think this article is beautiful. It actually has some very good points. Whoever wrote this, it is wonderful. May Allah proctect u from the punishment of the grave and hell-fire and grant you a place in Jennah. Asalam-u-alykum Wr Wb

umm seereen, london - wrote on 6/22/2003 5:24:22 PM
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Comment:Asalamu alaikum, I think the answer is alternatives - I know in Saudia they have children's animated films about Islam on Cd roms or dvds, which can be watched in English or Arabic - but try and find them here - it is impossible. I do not have TV, al-hum-du- lillah, it is a great evil, the harm completely out weighs the benefit, because I do not have it, when I do see it, I am so shocked as to what they actually put on it nowadays. Have a computer, select certain software. The internet also has evil. Interact with your family. Save yourself and your family from a fire whose fuel is men and stones. Wasalam.

abdulrahman, nigeria - wrote on 6/17/2003 12:35:45 PM
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Comment:may allah reward you abundantly. while i agree with most of the points in the article, i disagree with the internet being seen as a good alternative to tv. it is much worse. may allah help me and others to control our tv habits.

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