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Page url: http://www.soundvision.com/info/halalhealthy/organicornot.asp

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Zakiyyah, Missouri - wrote on 1/28/2004 8:33:42 AM
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Comment:As-Salaam-Alaikum, The article was enlighting....We all should be living and eating halal/organic food, and lifestyle(that which is good an wholesome) We should be able to go to our Halal Markets and purchase Zabiha meat and eggs,milk,etc. This is why we pay more because its Zabiha/Halal. Our markets should make sure its purchasing Zabiha/Halal products nothing less then that....Insha-Allah we as Muslim should come together and establish and support our own farms and processing plants,this way we will know for sure. May Allah bless our intention.

Omar, Chicago - wrote on 1/11/2004 3:13:12 AM
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Comment:So many Muslims obsess over the infintesimal moments of killing and ignore the long, miserable, and polluted rest of the lifespan of the animal.

AR, Tampa - wrote on 1/8/2004 10:15:57 PM
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Comment:Article is good. However, I have a question now. If I was choosing local halal grocer, I was doing the right thing in my mind. Now if organic halal is not available in my area, am I better off going for organic considering that is better than eating pork fed halal meat?

, - wrote on 1/8/2004 1:47:13 PM
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Comment:Although this article is eye opening, I wish that you had provided the contact information for the two organic processing companies. I have been searching for a couple of days and am still not able to find contact info. on either Halal pride chicken or Dakota halal. Are they still in business?

Mrs Ashfaq, - wrote on 1/7/2004 8:42:16 AM
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Comment:As salam alikum & Jazakallah . It would br of great help to Muslim consumers & sellers too ,if the retailers & whole sellers of Zabiha Halal & Tayib meat /meat produts provide their addresses to sites like sound vision.It would be a good source for their advertizement too.

Z, New York - wrote on 1/6/2004 9:37:42 PM
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Comment:Very informative. Seems like Halal is not as good as we thought.

abdul rahman, middletown, CA - wrote on 1/6/2004 8:14:43 PM
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Comment:its a touch situation. There is a halal meat store in berkeley CA who has told me that the meat they use comes from local farms that do not use hormones or antibiotics. I came to Islam from a perspective of supporting organic farmers and eating organic food, so I don't think it makes a lot of sense to view halal food as the ideal if it comes from animals that are raised cruelly and or fed unhealthy food. Insha'Allah, Allah will be merciful with us in our food choices. I am really happy to learn that there are some halal meat companies that are making an effort to use organic farming techniques, and I believe that it is important to eat both halal and organic/naturally raised meat. As I said before, it is a tricky situation, and, in my opinion, a problem, because its hard to find both of these components in the meat we eat. salams to all of us with our meat choices Abdul Rahman

, - wrote on 1/6/2004 2:44:33 PM
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Comment:Timely article

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