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Arafath, India - wrote on 1/12/2005 1:19:39 PM
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Comment:Asalam aleikum, Your Articles are extremly good. May ALLAH reward all of you and those who read and learn from soundvision.May ALLAH continually guide us on the straight path and give us the blessings of these ten days. Thank You.

Ayesha, Botswana - wrote on 1/12/2005 10:39:11 AM
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Comment:Asselamualikum It is very nice. it teach aus a lot of thing we didn't know. Alhamdulillah. thanks to you. wasalam

ishaaq, somaliland - wrote on 1/12/2005 3:13:47 AM
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Comment:maashaALLAH! asalam aleikum sound vision. this really great. may ALLAH reward all of you and those who read and learn from this web site. keep up brothers and sisters. we dont need to give up despite all the problems we muslims are undergoing around the world. ALLAH'S promise will always come to pass.may ALLAH continually guide us on the straight path and give us the blessings of these ten days.thanks alot for keeping us spiritually healthy.jazakallah.

Omer Rana, Cardiff, UK - wrote on 1/12/2005 2:47:29 AM
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Comment:Really loved this page with the 9 excellent ideas. Keep up the excellent coverage.

Farzana, UK - wrote on 1/11/2005 3:55:44 PM
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Comment:Really nice. Thanks for the inspiration.

osman, turkey - wrote on 11/1/2004 10:19:59 PM
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Comment:wonderful mashaAllah! we are looking forward for sites like this....

anonymous, anonymous - wrote on 1/31/2004 7:39:17 PM
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Comment:May Allah reward you for your efforts, ameen. However I have not seen ONE Islamic website in the entire world that tells you what you can do on Eid and how to have FUN within limits. Not ten days before or ten days after but on EID day itself! Thats what I want to know. Not obvious facts like praying Eid salah, being grateful to Allah, remembering Ibrahim (as) but what on earth do you actually do on Eid? What on earth do you do the rest of the day? Kids all around me dont have a clue and coz we cant provide them alternatives and interesting halal things to do then they go and do the haram stuff. Im getting sick of seeing this and I get depressed when its Eid because I dont have a clue what to do for myself but I dont really care about me having a bad eid. Its when I see all the people around me having a bad Eid, I begin to wonder whats going on? We need to REALLY see what our beloved prophet Muhammad (saw) used to do on Eid? we need to look at the CELEBRATION aspect, fun aspect, dunya and akhira aswell and the leaders of our community need to be more organised and structured on the day of Eid and make the Eid worthwhile for the younger generation. Just because our Eid had little relation to the sunnah it doesn't mean we do the same for the younger ones. I fear a day where Eid comes in this world and no human has knowledge of it and a day when false holidays are celebrated by Muslims in its place. May Allah protect us from such a ill state, ameen.

nadia, SAUDI ARABIA - wrote on 2/10/2003 4:07:12 AM
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Comment: Dear Sound Vision, I would like to thank you for wroking so hard and diligently to maintain a website so informative, explicit,and educative in our beutiful religion of Islam, i have learned so much from ur website, and inshallah will countinue to recommend acqaintances,and family to it. May allah the most gracious and merciful bless you all.. sallam alikum..

Hajara Ozohu Yusuf, The Netherlands - wrote on 2/2/2003 6:45:10 PM
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Comment: Assalamu alaykum to you all in Sound Vision, I thank the Almighty Allah for the vision given to you all to embark on such a rewarding programme. It is so educative, and I enjoy the fact that readers are kept up to date with what is happening in our world at large. The article on Dr. Hamidullahi (late) is great. May Allah continue to be with you all in sound vision and increase you in knowledge and faith. Ma asalam

Akin-Tijani Akintunde Noonrayn, Ibadan/ Nigeria - wrote on 1/30/2003 7:02:29 PM
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Comment:It is only Allah who can reward you O (Soundvision) for your sacrifice you made for muslims to really understand the religion of Islam. More power to your elbow. May Allah overlook and forgive your shortcomings in this project you have done. And may it make you benefit from the goodness in it from this life and hereafter. Rabanna atiina fiduya hassanata wa fil akhirati hassanata wa qina hazaba naari

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