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humera, USA - wrote on 11/9/2004 1:28:25 AM
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Comment:Assalamoalaikum very informative and good guide for dua Shukran Wassalam

Junna, United States - wrote on 11/8/2004 10:20:35 PM
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Comment:Assalamu'alaykum, Masha'allah these are very good duas and also very helpful. May Allah accept our duas, Insha'allah. Is it possible to email me an arabic copy of it? Jazakallahu'khayran.

Huma, UAE - wrote on 11/8/2004 7:05:17 PM
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Comment:Asalaamualaikum, JazakAllah for that timely reminder. Oppression of Muslims in countries like China, Burma, Philipines & Thiland is going on for some time now but, unfortunately, media does not cover much, leading to very low awareness of their situation among Muslims worldwide. We must remember them in our duas. Regarding the situation of Muslims in America, the article, rightly, describes it as oppression. Yes it is oppression if we Muslims are "afraid to participate, scared to donate, and worried about our future. Some of us are even changing our names or leaving the country." However, if some Muslims are leaving the country, there is nothing wrong with that. They are choosing to migrate for the sake of protecting & practicing their Islam. They are following the command of doing hijrah for the sake of Allah(SWT) as mentioned in the Quran: "When angels take the souls of those who die in sin against their souls, they say: "In what (plight) Were ye?" They reply: "Weak and oppressed Were we in the earth." They say: "Was not the earth of God spacious enough for you to move yourselves away (From evil)?" Such men will find their abode in Hell,- What an evil refuge!" [Al-Quran 4:97] "He who forsakes his home in the cause of God, finds in the earth Many a refuge, wide and spacious: Should he die as a refugee from home for God and His Apostle, His reward becomes due and sure with God: And God is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful." [Al-Quran 4:100] And Allah(SWT) knows best.

shahnaz, canada - wrote on 11/8/2004 5:35:47 PM
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Comment:It is an excellent article. inshallah i will always remember these duas in every step of my life.

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