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Page url: http://www.soundvision.com/Info/politics/tipsjewish.asp

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Rose, UK - wrote on 10/12/2003 2:24:53 PM
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Comment:"I conceived from the outset a strong objection to Zionism. I considered it immoral that immigrants, assisted by a foreign Great Power, should come from abroad with the avowed intention of attaining to majority in the country and thus to dispossess the people whose country it had been since time immemorial." Leopold Weiss (Born Jewish, later coverted to Islam)

Karla, Florida - wrote on 10/2/2003 5:03:47 PM
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Comment:Assalamu Alaikum- May Allah(swt) bless SoundVision for trying to be a voice of peace and tolerance in a world where there is too much hatred. Some very good points were made in this article. Insha'Allah, it will be passed around from masjid to masjid so that more can read it. As a Muslim, I can't say that I know the "Muslim" position on Jerusalem. To be quite frank, I'm in favor of the original UN position that it should be an international city--with neither Jews, Muslims, or Christians "owning it." As for Israel and Palestine, Insha'Allah the two states will be able to exist in peace...as the brothers they are. (Of course, I think both Sharon and Arafat will have to go before this will ever happen!)

Hendrik (Yahya), Netherlands - wrote on 10/1/2003 11:20:15 AM
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Comment:Thanks for above article. Together with a Jewish/Israeli 'dissident' I regularly try to convince poeple in the street of the need of a peaceful solution of the conflict by distributing flyers and talking with them. It is however somtimes very hard to keep calm when people deny (what we see as) the truth (see reaction of David above) and/or point to the Palestine suicide missions as the source of all evil. In such cases I always try to end the discussion politely, but often they (most Israeli tourists and 'indigenous' evangelists) won't go and raise their voices, hoping to hinder our action...

sarah, san francisco - wrote on 9/8/2003 9:02:57 PM
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Comment:I'm also Jewish and want to thank soundvision for putting forth this kind of effort. I truly believe that peace in the middle east has to start in people's hearts before it can be a political reality, and sites like this one help us to take that path. Thanks again!

Todd, Pennsylvania - wrote on 9/3/2003 10:01:16 AM
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Comment:I am a Jewish American. I came to this web site after reading an inflammatory article in a local Jewish newspaper that critisized some of the comments made on this web site in regards to recent bombings, etc. in Israel. I was expecting to see radical rantings about how best to kill more Jews. I have to say that I am very pleasantly surprised to see that faith and perspective are being taught here instead. Sure, there are still some very angry comments if you look. But this article gives me hope for the future. It is so hard to watch what is going on in Israel, on both sides of the war. What most people forget is that all of this fighting and killing is being spurred on by radicals, and by our leaders. For them, there is no chance for peace, because they are misguided. No where in any Jewish teaching does it permit or propose the killing or expulsion of any other people. Just as the Quran promotes peace and tolerance, not killing. The Jews and Palestinians who have guns in there hands have forgotten this. Most of us are everyday people, raising our families, working at our jobs, and looking towards a brighter future. It would be nice to know our families will alive and well tommorrow, and not shot at, blown up or beaten by some idiot with a political or personal agenda. I personally have no gripe with the Palestinian people - my only beef is with the people that intend to harm Jews as a way to "solve" their differences. I hope that we, as everyday people, can hold strong, and not support the fighting and killing as a method of obtaining peace. Instead, support cooperation and rebuilding of old ties. We would be much stronger as a union than as enemies.

David, Silver Spring - wrote on 8/25/2003 10:11:21 PM
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Comment:Patronizing. You speak of "truth" and "justice," but never acknowledge that there may be a different opinion than your own. The "expulsion" of the so-called Palestinians is much less a "truth" than the oppression, contempt and, yes, expulsion of Jews by Muslims. The real truth is that there were no Palestinians until someone invented them as a convenient way to steal Jewish land.

Ron, New York - wrote on 2/17/2003 12:43:42 AM
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Comment:As a Jewish-American who believes in civil discourse and who has a strong interest in Islam I thought this article, "6 tips on how to deal with people of the Jewish faith," to be an excellent guide for interfaith dialogue betweens Muslims and Jews. Sadly, however, I've encountered articles about Jews in other Muslim media that aren't as tolerant. As an example of this type of intolerance I offer the following article from the Islamonline Fatwa Bank: http://www.islamonline.net/fatwa/english/FatwaDisplay.asp?hFatwaID=68521 . I'd be very interested to hear from Muslim readers of this message board which of the two articles better represents the predominant thinking about Jews among Muslim-Americans. Thanks! I look forward to reading your replies. Ron from New York

Laura, Seattle, WA - wrote on 1/6/2003 12:14:34 AM
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Comment:An excellent article on a very important topic. May Allah reward your efforts.

April Zalat, Seattle, WA - wrote on 10/16/2002 11:39:17 PM
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Comment:Very needed article - especially in these times!! May Allah bless you!

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