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Kudrat Gbadamosi, New Jersy - wrote on 6/25/2004 8:23:13 PM
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Comment:Salam, May the Peace and Divine Light of Allah be with us all. I found the articles about Hijab quite interesting. I am a muslim but I do not wear Hijab. I believe that being a muslim woman is a lot more than a piece of cloth. And from my own personal experience SOME not all hijab wearing sisters are quite mean. They have what I would refer to as "a holier than thou attitude". In my opinion it is a complete contradiction in terms if a woman covers herself from head to toe to appear pure but her thoughts, words and actions are impure, mean and downright cruel. Hijab under those circumstances is mere window dressing designed to fit in with the crowd rather than a sincere disposition that reflects the true light of islam. Only Almighty Allah can judge who the true believers are - Hijab or not.

Arshad Baig, Pennsylvania USA - wrote on 5/6/2004 11:19:02 PM
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Comment:Most of the discussion, in reference to Hijab, is with the piece of garment that muslim woman of some middle eastern countries e-g Egypt, Jordan, Palestine and a couple of other Arab countries wears to cover her head. But this form of "Hijab" is not necessarily the only form of "Hijab" as required by Quran or Sharia. For example women of Indo-Pak subcontinent wear Burqa or Large Shawl to cover entire body including head etc. Women of Afghanistan and Iran have different type of dress. But they all adhere to basic Islamic requirment i-e purity and modesty. Then why some so-called muslim scholars emphasize Hijab only in the form that is practised in the middle-eastern countries mentioned above? Islam does not approve montoony. It encourages diversity, respecting different cultures and still obvserving purity and hijab according to Quranic injuntions. I, therefore, reject the idea that all muslim women should wear a uniform dress (Like Middle-Eastern Scarf type Hijab) to be acceptable and recognized as muslimah. My wife and daughter wear "duppata" and wear loose garments and I have no problem with that. That is better then wearing a headscarf and exposing the rest of the body to the world.

Hannah, CAlifornia USA - wrote on 3/27/2004 3:14:54 AM
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Comment:Thank You so much for providing such great information on this and many other subjects that might otherwise go unrsearched. Islamic research is vital to proper knowledge. Salaam

faa'iza karim, trinidad, west indies - wrote on 3/20/2004 9:08:56 PM
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Comment:assalam u alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatahu alhamdulillah!! excellent site.Yes, Iman is the key; so to is love, patience and kindness from hijabi sisters to non-hijabi sisters in helping establish their iman and their understanding of hijab. may ALLAH (swt) make it easy for all my hijabi sisters and insha'ALLAH, soon to be hijabi sisters, ameen. Allah Hafiz

Botagoz, Kazakhstan,Astana - wrote on 11/30/2003 4:31:24 PM
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Comment:Assalamu aleikum, MashAllah what a nice,profound in meaning article! I've run into this web by accident & the title of the article seemed too close to me as in the recent past years while studying at school i was forced to put off hijab..If to be concise it was an awful experience.Nevertheless due to My All-Mighty, Merciful Lord i'm covered now, besides even my sister & father has started performing prayers... All praise to Allah who teaches us to be kind to others & i think it is more important to be kind and sincere towards our sisters in islam both covered or not yet.. Not yet but inshAllah. Only Great Allah knows what we're hiding inside..besides the real muslim is he who do not harm by any means the other muslims so we should fear to treat unfair to nonhijabi sisters, but our obligation is to advise them for the sake of Allah. And Allah is Helper! P.S. I love_ all _my sisters in islam in Allah swt

asfia, NJ - wrote on 8/31/2003 8:59:44 PM
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Comment:As-salaam alikum, I was actually searching for a website that tells how to wear hijabs and came accross this website. I'm glad that i read this article, because i'm a muslim gurl who doesnt wear a hijab. However, Inshallah talah..i want to wear one. I'm gathering all the courage i can to wear one. I appreciate that there are people out there who understand how a non-hijabi gurl feels around other hijabi gurls. And for one to wear a hijab, they should do the basics first as written in the article, and thats what im trying to achieve. I am trying to pray five times a day and currently im reading the Quran again with the meaning. I hope Allah gives me enough strength and courage so that i can wear a hijab myself. Wasallam.

Hafsah Ermes, London,UK - wrote on 2/17/2003 9:40:27 AM
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Comment:Assalamu alaikum, i came by this website by accident, and just want to say that ive read only about 3 articles you have displayed here and so far they are all excellent, im recommending them to my other freinds and inshallah will recommend them on my website, so more people get a chance to read these very good articles mashallah, just want to say jazak allahu khairan, keep up the good work, wassallam

Amara Tabassum, Lincoln, NE, US - wrote on 1/6/2003 4:47:14 PM
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Comment:assalam-alaikum, i am a non-hijabi muslim from a non-muslim country. my awareness abt the hijab grew when i came to the US & started attending mosque for prayers. but bcoz of my not wearing hijab like other sisters, often caused me to feel guilty & also i drew comments from those sisters but after reading this article, i know i have to find out more abt the hijab & i am ready to accept it, alhamhullilah. Allah-hafiz.

Aishah, Washington, DC - wrote on 10/5/2002 2:40:25 PM
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Comment:Assalamu Alaikum! Subhanallah, I have forwarded it to a friend. I wonder how I might obtain permission to use it on a sister website for other readers to benefit from. The website is almuslima.com. Please respond. wasalaam Aishah Shahada: 4-19-02

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