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Nasir Kamal, Mississauga, ON (CANADA) - wrote on 2/16/2006 12:56:22 PM
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Comment:I am father of a two year old son, still wondering which category is better.Will have to find out more and I will have to look specially the schools in my area (islamic and non-islamic) -- I believe the situation here is better than in most parts of US, Mississauga (Toronto) being a true multi culutral place.

abdullah, texas - wrote on 9/6/2005 5:52:23 PM
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Comment:i think that every islamic school i have encountered to is disorganized. kids have more fun in public schools because islamic schools mostly can't afford good stuff. islamic schools charge too many fees. the teachers are mostly not even certified. the education in islamic schools can be gotten from home. the only good part of islamic schools is the enviroment.

Shagufta Raja, Charlotte - wrote on 8/21/2005 11:24:39 PM
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Comment:I liked the article. We do have similar problems in almost all Islamic schools. We need to face these challenges instead of pushing them under the rug or just criticizing from outside. I think the parents and communities in general must take responsibility for children education. If our community members be supportive of this noble cause instead of discouraging those who are trying. Our school is doing good academically, no compromise on quality but our budget is too tight because we are serving majority of low income groups. The rich community members coment" We want our children to learning American English because it was their dream and always wanted to send their children to Convent school in back home". The funds are very low. The other reason is people donate for masjids but not for school. I wish we can establish a scholarship program for our children in the near future.

Lubna, Mississauga - wrote on 8/10/2005 6:30:44 PM
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Comment:I enjoyed reading the article. I'm going through a debate within myself whether I as a Muslim should teach in a Muslm school or in a non-muslim school... Certainly the environment is much better in a non muslim school for teachers (less stress, better pay), but I really liked Yahya Emerick's input. Thank-you for those thoughts.Hope we can work towards improving the condition of our schools, and hopefully, of our children.

Ayesha, Sacarborough,ON - wrote on 8/10/2005 12:18:02 PM
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Comment:Great article for both parents and students of west. Iam myself studying in an Islamic School in Scarborough. Despite of all the financial hardships i prefer my school over any best public school because this is where I belong and this school really gives me an identity. I think community should also support these schools more and more as you dont know in whose life these schools are making difference ...may be a student like me!!

Megan, London, On - wrote on 8/10/2005 11:27:18 AM
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Comment:I read the article expecting to hear that parents needed to take charge of the education that their children are getting. I was disappointed to read more about how to choose a school and the debate over what school is better. BUT you missed one of the most important options.... HOME SCHOOL. I have pulled my son out of the public system and my daughter will never attend the public system. I have looked into the Islamic schools in my area but have found them to provide sub standard education, the children have the same issues as the ones in the public schools (true maybe not to the same degree). So instead of standing there complaining and looking for someone to educate my kids I took it into my own hands. Within a month I had happy children, our family had become really close and I knew exactly what they were reading, seeing and experiencing. And yes they do have a social life, I just make sure that they play with like minded children!

Awais Qurani, Massachusetts - wrote on 5/25/2005 10:26:06 AM
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Comment:I thought this was a well written article and agreed with most of the points in the article. The portion of the article that might be slightly inadequate was the portion which made the point that children can attend public schools and have an Islamic identity, if the parents are involved in their childs life. Although I do agree that the parent must be involved in the childs life it must also be understood that the amount of time the parents must give to the child should be equivalent to the time a child spends at an Islamic school, in an Islamic atmosphere, and the time the parents would spend with them normally at home. This amount of time is probably impossible for most people to dedicate to their children. I have seen the outcome of over estimating the parents influence on the child and under estimating the influence of society and friends. This is another plus point for Islamic schools and a big negative for public schools.

robert lock, pickering ont - wrote on 8/21/2003 10:41:01 PM
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Comment:"ANY" school religious or otherwise that does not require teachers to be certified or to follow curriculum that is in keeping with the country where the student is a resident is without merit. Children who are exposed to this type of unprofessional teaching should be required to pass university entrance examinations, particularly in English skills and if not competent for admission should be enrolled in the University of New Delhi or Baghdad where there skills, social skills and linguistics are more suitable.

Fatimah, Ohio - wrote on 7/14/2003 12:32:12 AM
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Comment:As-salam 'Alaykum. This article is very well written. It covers many concerns parents, teachers, and community members have about Muslim schooling. I would like to remind fellow Muslims that Muslims come from many different ethnicities and cultures. With in a Muslim school there are going to be American children or converts that have been raised in America. I work at a Muslim school and there are many Muslim American teachers and students who, alhumduallah, follow Islam but still have an "American flavor." Also, if parents, teachers, and the Muslim community teach the children to communicate and be patient there should be no problem when they have to work with others, insha'allah. Allah (swt) is All-Knowing and Most Gracious!

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