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Safiya Griggs, Winston-Salem, NC - wrote on 8/10/2004 9:36:24 AM
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Comment:Assalamu Alaikum Bro. Mujahid. Thank you for the excellent Khutbah. May Allah (SWT) reward you. I read this article some time ago and have not had time to respond until now. Over the years I have had heartbreaking experiences, many while traveling with my husband, where he had the opportunity to pray in the Masjid and I was left to my own creativity in finding a space. Many times the result was to pray in our automobile. I heard a very good Khutbah this past Friday at Community Mosque in Winston-Salem addressing this same issue, Alhumdulillah. I pray that the example set by you and the Imam in WS is followed until the issue of space for Sisters in the Masjid is no longer an issue and women and children are free to attend as frequently as they would like.

sara, california - wrote on 8/9/2004 8:49:47 PM
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Comment:What a great article!!! May God greatly reward you for your efforts, and soundvision for taking on this urgent issue. As the Chinese say, "women hold up half the sky"... How impoverished the muslim community is when women are excluded or marginalized - what a loss of the contributions we could make and the benefits we could get in terms of learning and worship, outreach and advocacy, etc. Our best example is that which the Prophet (may God bless him) left for us---and this includes praying and learning as one community! I think efforts to remedy this are so essential --- and it's especially important that our brothers join us in raising their voices on this issue, as brother Abdul Malik has done so eloquently. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

JackieT, Madison, WI - wrote on 8/9/2004 5:46:13 AM
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Comment:Hooray for this article! After being told once that I had to pray in the bathroom because the men were overtaking the "women's space" (actually just a curtained off area big enough for 3), I stopped trying to go to NYC mosques. Maybe now we can talk about race discrimination in the mosque...

M., Chicago area - wrote on 8/6/2004 3:44:14 PM
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Comment:Dear Lydia Muhammad, I live in the Chicago area. I read your comment and story, and I became sad. I'm sorry to say that such descimination is what drove me away from practicing. If you decide u want to create a petition, I would be happy to be one of many to sign. Something definately must be done to combat the ignorance we women still face in this so-called liberal society. If that doesn't work to change the minds off the men who maintain the Sheridan-Foster mesjid, then maybe consider starting one of your own. Get friends and relatives to come together at your home, or the home of someone close to u for jummah prayer and Islamic discussion. Then slowly expand from there. We women are no longer just mother's, wives and daughters. We are intellectuals with ideas, contributions and goals. (Thanx so much Sound-Vision for providing such important information and discussion) M.

Zarinah, Arizona - wrote on 8/4/2004 4:34:59 PM
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Comment:Alhumdulillah! at long last , I was beginning to think maybe it was just me.Maybe I didn't understand ? In 1987 a group of sister's spoke out about this subject and others, not allowing the women to be heard in the Mosque among other things. Now 20 years later and we are finally speaking out about the sad state women are forced to accept. I was told that if we make a fuss we won't have a place to pray because we were not obligated to pray in the mosque.Many other reasons were given . Thank for expressing what has now been in my heart for a long time.May Allah(SWA) help us and guide us Amin. Zarinah

Shaheen, Montreal - wrote on 8/4/2004 4:17:42 PM
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Comment:Salaam alaiykum to you. Read with interest your article which voiced my concerns so nicely and all the comments. Bless you for addressing the real issue. We need more than just action, we need PRAYERS for the narrow minded people who cannot keep their own fitnas within their boundries that they have to marginalize half of Allah's creation. When are we going to change?? We STILL did not learn our lesson. In particular the comment from a Canadian brother is the most upsetting. Allah help us all.

Rouneh, Massachusetts, USA - wrote on 8/4/2004 4:00:04 PM
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Comment:May God bless all those who support women's rights and open the eyes of the rest of humanity to the advantages it brings to our society. The masjid I attend in West Springfield suffers the same problems mentioned above. Many women are deterred from ever coming back after their first visit. In addition to the issue of inequality in space, women are often faced with hostile words by some of the ignorant male goers if they dared to step into the male space. Islam teaches love and kindness not hatred and violence. My approach to reclaiming my right to being close to God and his house of worship is simply gathering all the courage I can find to walk through that door and claim my place in the main hall where I can see, hear and take an active part in prayer in addition to having access the great many copies of Quran and Hadith books available only there. I invite all my muslim sisters to join me in this peaceful demonstration of our God given right to be an equal spiritual being to that of our male counterparts. And I invite my muslim brothers to be vigilant in stopping other men from acting hostile and stepping in the way of the muslim women's taking an active part. Race discrimination was first confronted in the US by the simple act of a black woman who refused to get up from her seat in the bus, in this case we can refuse to get up from our seat in the mosque. Peace

Clovelle Rahaman, Lithonia, GA - wrote on 8/4/2004 1:09:52 PM
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Comment:I have long expressed the exact same views and they have fallen upon deaf ears. It seems that women are tolerated evils of Islam. I have been reprimanded many times for approaching this subject. I wish you would come to our area and speak on this subject. Inshallah your voice will be heard here.

Zulfar, Albuquerque, NM - wrote on 8/4/2004 11:48:34 AM
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Comment:Salaamu alaikum wa rahmatoallah, Jazak allahu khair brother for your inspiring khutbah. Alhamdulilah it is refreshing to hear of fellow muslims who are indeed reflecting back on the sunnah of the Prophet (sws) and the companions (may Allah be pleased with them all) with regard to women's roles in the masjid. I recently moved to Albuquerque, NM and after reading your khutba, I couldn't help but relate the issues we face here at our Islamic Center. My first visit the ICNM in March'04 was very shocking. Not only is the center in poor condition overall, but the sister's section is indeed small, divided by a curtain, restroom in VERY poor condition, no television to view the imam and there is a big problem with children and women conversing amongst themselves during the khutba. Inshallah I will share this khutbah you have made available with our community and inshallah it will be a reminder that the women's role should be acknowledged in the Islamic Center of New Mexico and in every masajid, at all times. Rather than fearing that the mix of brothers and sisters may stir fitnah, we should be optimistic and evaluate the valuable contributions the sisters could make if they are given the right to be appointed in active roles at the masjid. Jazak Allahu khair your sister in deen - zulfar

abdul-Baasit, Clemson, SC - wrote on 8/4/2004 9:44:20 AM
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Comment:Thanks a lot Br. Mujahid for this excellent piece. One obvious thing about us Muslims is that we are very good at showing off the beauty of Islam as compared to other faiths. In fact, the beauty and authenticity of Islam is so obvious that many discovered it accidentally and accepted it without any coersion whatsoever. The problem is just with us - we are reluctant to look within Islam itself and live the beauty of it to the letter. It is very frustrating to think about many of the "principles" without Islamic basis that we hold onto, which in turn portray Islam negatively to those ignorant about REAL ISLAM. I WILL ENCOURAGE THE SISTERS TO TAKE ON THE BROTHERS. Your rights as muslims are plainly outlined. Look them up and demand them if you are being deprived of them. Anybody standing between you and your God-given rights is wrestling against Allah's own principles, May we be protected from that. Once again, thanks a lot for the piece, Br. Mujahid Wassalam

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