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Denise, Melbourne - wrote on 2/10/2011 12:32:50 AM
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Comment:Moslem women: don't you realise that Islam is by men & for men. In Islam: where it says that 'women are smaller than men; therefore, their brain is smaller than a man, therefore they're not as 'intelligent' as men.' I find disgusting. That their inheritance rights are less than a man's, too - that is unfair. To treat women 'as tilth of the ground' !!! To 'beat' women if they're 'disobedient'. To make women wear hijabs - all covered up as 'nonperson's'[ because they'd be blamed for being attacked ; if they didn't wear it. Tho' in Afghanistan they are still attacked ( by Taliban ); even if they are ALL covered up.] Men can have 4 wives. [This is like being treated as an animal]. Men can say 3 times 'I divorce you' & that's it & get another wife. There's a lot more I could say against Islam but it's enough for now! Women WAKE UP - Islam is NO religion for women.

Denise, Melbourne - wrote on 2/10/2011 12:07:44 AM
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Comment:Bible: King James Revised Standard version.Quotes John 10:30. 'I & the Father are One'.John 10:36 Jesus said ' I am the Son of God'. verse 38 "The Father is in me & I am in the Father".see also Matthew 26: 63,64. Matthew 27:43, 54.Re: Jesus' Death & Resurrection:see Matthew 27: 31 to Matthew 28: 20.After His Death & Resurrection see:- Matthew 28: 18 And Jesus came and said to them, "All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. 19 Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, to the close of the age." Plz note: The Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God; had nothing to do with Islam as it came about 500yrs after His Death & Resurrection. Christians believe He IS Alive now ;as the Father [God] ,the Son & the Holy Spirit. Praise God!!

Abida, St. Catharines, Canada - wrote on 5/29/2010 3:31:54 AM
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Comment:Yasak Allahu khairan, brother, many many times!!! For a long time I have had the impression that I am the only one who felt like this. I can not describe my sadness and frustration and the feeling of great injustice when visiting most mosques and finding myself and my sisters confined to a "better storage room" to "get it over with with our prayers" and then seeing the beautiful "main" prayer hall, so goreously decorated - just BEING THERE raises your spirits and puts you in a state of khushu'. But worst of all were, of course, the situations where we were not even ABLE to offer a correct and proper prayer for, as you described, in the sisters area on could only "guess" what was going on in the "men's" prayer! Since this is absolutely common in almost all of the mosques I have visited in Europe and North America, no one seems to even question it anymore! Yet another case where we seem to feel it is OK to just ignore the sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him!!! (And/or simply repeat the old killer phrase: "There is no money"...) May Allah guide and help us all...

Om Ommah, Toronto - wrote on 3/7/2010 7:21:45 AM
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Comment:I take issue with the brother's words "to leading Muslim women in North America who are respected and honored by the community" because I think that's part of the whole problem. If we do the right thing and are 'respectable" we'll be honoured. But the right thing is never coming close to casting aspersions upon our "modesty' . Even speaking up and saying we want our place in the sun too, is considered "immodest" or "islamofeminist", god forbid. I have found that the only place where I'll respected as an intelligent, honourable person is outside of the Muslim community context. Those who are monopolizing the community want it that way - so be it.

Salina, Seattle, WA - wrote on 3/6/2010 7:54:21 PM
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Comment:Thank you! So important to have the proof of the Sunnah... and now.. what will our leaders do about it? We need to be concerned about those we oppress. It's sad when so many Muslim men can mix with uncovered women all day at work, grocery store, doctor's office, and on the streets - but when a fellow Muslim, who happens to be female, enters the masjid all of a sudden it's "Fitnah"! How preposterous! Our local leaders have heard this complaint as well.. and only 1 of the places of worship in our area have NO wall as is sunnah.

Jamilah, Philadelphia, PA - wrote on 3/5/2010 9:28:51 PM
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Comment:Great article! It's funny how although many of your ideas are grounded in traditional sunnah, many Muslims would look at them as extreme innovations.

aliyyah, Trinidad and Tobago - wrote on 7/4/2006 11:34:33 PM
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Comment:assalamu alaykum, By Allah you are so right, this is an epidemic cause it is not just happening in North America but also in the Caribbean as well. I must say that i have been a victim to what has been going on for quite a while. I mean we are all muslims here and what this does is run away new reverts.I used to go a certain masjid and i remember that it was real big, for the brothers there was a large section and the sisters were seperated by a locked door, thus a speaker box was needed.let's just say it wasn't the most sophisticated speaker box around because sometimes you couldn't hear the khutbah as there would be technical errors. when this happened sisters always would have to guess when the prayer started and thus became annoyed.The bathrooms were deplorable, there were drainage problems,holes were dug for the sisters while the brothers had normal toilet bowls ( a sister used that bathroom once).Another time it was time for Asr salat and i just happened to be passing so i decided to offer my prayers there.unfortunately for me the sisters section was locked while the brothers section was opened and there were brothers in it. i had to pray outside on the concrete.I mean a masjid is supposed to be a refuge for muslims.Me and a few sisters have complained to the co-imam twice but nothing has been done. thus i have stopped attending that masjid which isn't the best thing beacuse i miss the khutbahs. I wish life for muslim sisters was different and I must appreciate you writing a story and giving a khutbah about it. May Allah reward you greatly but only until muslims change what is in their hearts only then can we become united, just like how we were when the Rosool (pbuh) was alive.

Khalid Shah, St. Louis - wrote on 2/16/2006 3:37:43 PM
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Comment:As good as these points are, and they are very good, there is an even bigger concern that most immigrant muslims do not realize. We are not thinking of future generations, 2 or 3 generations from now. Look at churches and synagogues, the women are integral to running these places. This is the American culture. We are leaving a situation where these masjids of today will become museums if women are not made and integral part of masjids here. Because 2 or 3 generations from now the culture in any masjids that may still exist will be 100% American. By the way this has happened to muslims here before. That is there have been previous waves of immigration from which very little is left just a name here or there that sounds islamic. Making women an integral part of the mosque is not about women rights, first and foremost it is about survival of muslim religon is USA.

Effay, IL - wrote on 10/31/2005 1:53:22 AM
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Comment:Salamwalaikum- Very inspiring. One of the best articles I have read and a good start. It is great to see this topic finally be explored, especially by a man. I would like to contribute something to this conversation: I think it is important to remember the responsiblity of BROTHERS to educate each other, speak up to EACH OTHER, and defend women in spite of the presence of EACH OTHER. Women have already been fighting to be heard but it has mostly been without the support of the men in the community: It has been a one sided fight that speaks to a division that is present in our community. It is a division that sometimes lets men be able to not take any or enough responsiblity of the well being of women in the community. Ironically one of the main platforms of islam has been the role of men as caretaker of his family and the community and yet this is often the role that has been most shirked. While these men abuse this role to overpower and bully women, they often do not take any accountability for the social conditions that exist in the mosques and elsewhere. Caretaking afterall is different from dominance and dominance is the last thing any human being needs.In general it is a fact that there is a large majority of women in the community who do not feel supported by men in the community, not emotionally, not physically and not spiritually and if anything feel hurt by the men in the community. I myself have had the experience of not having any brothers to ask to help in carrying heavy items or stand guard as I walk to a car and when I have asked for help have gotten ambivalence or worse disrespect. This ramadan, in an attempt to break iftar in various Chicago masjids I had the horrible experience of going to over 10 new masjids and never having a space to pray or a comfortable way of getting food. In fact, often the men fed themselves first and did not even leave any food for the women unless it was scraps. Think about that for a minute. In terms of women trying to articulate their needs, Men need to remember that usually when a woman in the community does try and speak up in an already hostile environement, she risks being left alone to defend herself against a mob of men. Why are muslim men not keeping each other in check? Why are they not being self aware enough to notice when they are being completely selfish? Surely someone else was mentally present enough to realize that the few women who came had been fasting all day and needed food also , right? Or did they just not care? Disturbing isn't it? In general why is it okay in our community to treat women like second class citizens? If it is ignorance then men need to self educate and then educate each other. Afterall, It is not women sending the message out there that they do not deserve respect and I think as much as a female caucus is needed a male self education and then peer education group is needed equally if not more. I think men need to call other men out on their behaviors. There is an increasing distrust of muslim males by muslim females. Men who take much pride in being religious and pious often do not even make the first step of reaching out to women in their own community let alone being effective in reaching out to other communities. Honestly, often times in mosques women do not feel secure, safe and attended to. We are mostly bullied around or ignored. Putting the responsiblity of trying to educate these men and change this system just on women furthers the problem. If women felt safe enough to speak up believe me they would and if these men were interested in their opinions of well being, well then this issue would not need to be resolved in the first place. Men, Make an environement in which women feel safe to speak up. When they do speak up, maintain the sanctity of the environment by openly criticizing the behavior of men in the community who attempt to rule over the women. If you speak up then it will send the message that it is not acceptable. Take the opportunity to be aware of women, that means keeping a watchful eye, even of other men in the community. I think if more men make an effort inshallah change will come and we may make progress toward healing our community.

Nadia, ON - wrote on 9/27/2005 2:57:52 PM
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Comment:This article is very good and illustrates the needs of the mosque, however I beleive that such rights will never come to light. There is an inherent fear of women in the mosque, a strong desire to maintain the status quo and the belief that such issues while they need to be addressed are not that pertinent to Islamic life. Beyond that there is the beleif that space needs to be physcially separates by walls and other barriers. This is often what is taught amoungst Salafi organizations and other extreme groups. I also attended a QSS conference and found if laughable that a woman was desiginated question taker and had the responsibility of waving her glvoered hand furioulsy over a room divider so that the men can ask questions for her. My own mosue recently installed a TV so we can watch the imam. Tell me, if the prophet didnt have a televison what did he so for the Muslim woman? Brother your article is correct but no matter how we try, Muslim woman will always hidden, kept quiet and ignored.

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