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Is-haq Lanre Lawal, Lagos, Nigeria. - wrote on 8/28/2006 2:23:08 PM
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Comment:This is very comprehensively nice piece of information. It helps those of us who are away from the Western discrimination and oppression understand some of the gory experiences our other Brothers and Sisters are going through on a regular basis because of no fault of theirs. May Allah see us through soonest.

amnda, Minnesota - wrote on 4/4/2005 2:58:51 PM
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Comment:As a white non-muslim person it still outrages me that people are profiled because of their religion. now several yeras later after9/11 people are still being profiled I hope the best for anyone who reads this before leaving the country Good Luck!

Yasmin, Ottawa, Canada - wrote on 12/27/2004 10:26:22 PM
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Comment:"So far, I have come across only with three Muslims who have written their stories of discrimination while traveling. It is important for us to write and preserve these experiences. It is not just about terrorism, it is about tyranny." If a a template were made available (perhaps based on something CAIR may have developed for this purpose) that people can use to write down their experiences, it will facilitate the process, and more people will write down those experiences, be they good, bad or indifferent. I think it is important to write down ALL expereinces. This will also enable data collection and compilation that can be submitted to a central colllection area, such as CAIR...recording history as it occurs. Perhaps a website designed strictly for this with the template so people can easily record their experiences would do the job! This can facilitate uniformity in terms of the areas of human rights that can be observed as having been transgressed, or perceived as being so. Also, I can't help but note that the tactic being used in airports (humiliation) mirrors what is being done to the Palestinians, blacks, all oppressed peoples...coincidence? NO!

S. Troyer, Washington USA - wrote on 12/23/2004 7:49:29 PM
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Comment:Salam aleikum... I just returned from visiting Egypt, and was taken down for additional security checks. They were very nice about it, letting me keep my hijab and everything, though i did get patted down and the metal detector thing, and ALLLLL my bags searched (i left my bags for a few hours with my friend's brother-in-law after i packed, which made a risk. never leave your bags unattended after packing, even if it's with somebody you trust). I did question the security officer on why i was being taken away... "is it because i'm muslim?"... she just said my answers left some doubts. I told my dad after returning to US, and he said not to take it personally, as he (white non-muslim) was hauled off for the same treatment when returning from a trip to Arizona. He drove down, and flew back... and one-way tickets are also a 'red flag'. ma'salama

Lisa Abdullah, USA - wrote on 8/17/2004 1:09:18 PM
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Comment:I wish I had read your timely article prior to my travel in the summer of 04. I traveled by Airline this summer to my home, the U.S.A. (We wished we had traveled Saudi Arabian Airline) I was totally taken aback at the way I was treated upon arrival in Mineappolis, Minessota. It was extremely humiliating and I will never enter that port again. True, as your article read, they were investigating people of color. I found the traveler was "guilty until proven innocent." I also found the customs to be humiliating entering Canada, as you had written. During our holiday, my family planned a visit the Niagra Falls. Upon leaving, I would like to say that the customs agents were much more " polite" entering the New York side. The point I would like to make is that I, as an American, am so thankful to be living in a majority Muslim nation. My family has lived abroad for a total of 13 years. No one stares at me because I wear hijab. While in U.S., my younger son felt he had to accompany me because people I did not see were staring at me. He did not feel comfortable. I frequently travel between Muslim states and I have been checked with the wand, but I have not felt humiliated at all. I was checked by another Muslim women who wore hijab. I would like to suggest that if Muslims do have the opportunity to work and live abroad, go for it. I am sure things will get worse in the U.S. Allah did create the earth big enough. I know the Universities in the U.S. are outstanding and offer so much, but I think it is time to take other things into consideration. I hope time will come when Muslim nations will permit American Muslims to reside permanantly. We have a deep love for Islam and so much to share. So many of us want to roll up our sleeves and get to work. In closing, my oldest son told me not to travel to the U.S. for two years after 9/11. He was right. I am not eager to return to the U.S. in the least. I made a conscious effort to get enough professional supplies to last for a while. Next year, we will plan to visit Bruni and Malaysia. That suggestion came from my teenagers. "That is quite a statement." I guess that the bubble has been burst.

Ibrahim Siddiq, Saudi Arabia - wrote on 8/28/2003 6:52:08 AM
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Comment:Assalaam alaykum. This is an excellent article with very useful suggestions. I wonder if there is a geographic trend for incidents of "profiling." Perhaps muslim and human rights organizations might want to look into this. Through Allah's will, my family has not yet been subjected to beligerent security checks. All officials have been courteous and professional in their manner and job performance - so far. On a recent occasion my son was subjected to secondary checks when the walk through metal detector sounded off when he passed through. The TSA officer asked me to stand with him as he went through the check. The TSA officer first told him that he should walk through the detector regularly. After checking his pockets and shoes, we found that the metal detector sounded off because of the foil wrapping in the chewing gum pack he was carrying in his pocket. The TSA officer mentioned that the new machines are very sensitive to any trace of metal - even the metal studs on his jeans sounded off. For the most part, I have witnessed in my travels very professional and courteous behaviour from the airport staff, especially the TSA officers. I have spoken with some of them to commend them on their work. I was informed that they receive about 100 hours of training in interaction and handling. For the most part, patience and cooperation, even in the face of beligerence is the best rule to follow . . . you can file the complaint later.

Lanre Adeyemo, Vienna, Austria - wrote on 8/27/2003 8:51:00 AM
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Comment:This a great information in this age and time when all Muslims are proned to be being labelled terrorists and subsequently harrassed.May ALLAH reward all the contributors abundantly

Safiyyah, PA - USA - wrote on 2/25/2003 3:24:21 AM
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Comment:It is imperative that we stay close and follow the teachings of the Prophet (PBUH). The traveling duas, traveling companions especially for women, women not traveling at night, etc. Now more then ever we see the importance of living according to Quran and Sunnah. Shukran for the important travel information. I will definitely share it, Insha Allah

Khadijah Choy, New York City - wrote on 2/22/2003 7:21:42 PM
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Comment:I was profiled on one of my returned trips from the UK 2 months after 9/11. I was wearing hijab. It was a bit disconcerting but I was very quiet, respful and us you advise only answered what I was asked. Your advice is on the money.

Lynda Dechief, Vancouver, BC - wrote on 2/21/2003 4:21:27 PM
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Comment:As a white Canadian woman of Western European background, I just want to express my anger at the discrimination that you are experiencing. It is not going unnoticed by non-Muslims. A friend of mine was crossing the Canada/US border a few months ago and noticed that it was all the people of colour who were being searched while he, a white guy, was waved on through. While I understand that you need to follow these tips for your safety and to avoid harassment, it is much the same as the tips that we women have to follow when out at night - travel with friends, dress only in certain ways, etc. and it focuses on us as the problem, rather than sexist and racist practices in society. I'd like to highly recommend a book that I've just read, called Do They Hear You When You Cry by Fauziya Kassindja, a Muslim woman from Togo who tried to come to the US, and experienced both racism and sexism. While anger and sadness inducing, it is also a book of hope and inspiration. She has much courage. You are not alone in your fight against racism and other forms of opression. In solidarity, Lynda

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