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Page url: http://www.soundvision.com/info/terrorism/silentonceagain.asp

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Nasreen Khan, Canada - wrote on 9/3/2003 9:14:40 PM
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Comment:Assalaamu Alaikum and Jazaakallah Khair! I must congratulate you on the wonderful job! Your assessment of the situation is very realistic. This article should be published in all newspapers and journals. We Muslims must speak up! It is our duty (fard) to protect our Deen, our lives, our honour, our intellect and our property. If we remain silent, we fail to fulfill our responsibilities as Muslims.

Charlie, Colorado - wrote on 8/24/2003 3:10:26 PM
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Comment:I liked your posting, especially after reading a very baised editorial in the Rocky Mountain News, 8-24-03 page 7E, by Diana West. Moderate Muslims have responded in good numbers, at least in book form. Remember that it takes time to write essays and chapters and get them published. I have tried to publicise the newer books. Check Amazon.com fpr authors and editors such as : Unholy War by Esposito, The Heart of Islam by Seyyed Hossein Nasr,; Nonviolent soldier of Islam by Eknath Easwaran; Culture and Resistance by Edward Said; Charles Kimball, When Religion Becomes Evil; and especially Progressive Muslims, a reader edited by Omid Safi; and American Muslims by Asma Hasan.

Yusuf, DC - wrote on 7/30/2003 12:20:20 PM
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Comment:Excellent article! I ask that organizations like Soundvision push to have this and other essays posted in major US newspapers such as the Washington Post or New York Times. Restricting such ideas to muslim sites only is an injustice. We need writers and organizations to publish our thoughts for all to read and understand.

Bro Darrel, Birmingham, AL - wrote on 3/26/2003 1:49:20 PM
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Comment:A good start, but what about Minister Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam? Are we still playing the arrogant and blind game that our oppressors taught us by ignoring our NOI brothers? We should support them as they continue the struggle to shine the light for freedom, justice, equality, and Islam in America and the world.

sajjad, houston - wrote on 3/21/2003 11:04:48 PM
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Comment:Please use this forum for getting the network of writers together. As long as we have so much to write about and ther are like minded writers, we can use this forum to exchange ideas and especially shae the responsibilty of writing responses to editorials that simply spread misinformation. Sajjad

Sajjad, Houston - wrote on 3/21/2003 10:57:24 PM
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Comment:Excellent essay. I have written a lot on this topic also. I simply want to say that as long as people like you are out there in America who speak the truth based on common sense, reason and simplicity and NOT on the basis of complex theological antiquity of Islam, the world will wake up. Keep on writing to inform and educate. More then others muslims need a lot of reformation from within. Sajjad

ahmad, canada - wrote on 2/8/2003 5:52:19 PM
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Comment:Muslims not only in America but all over the world are confused and quiet. The only reason is that individual muslim is focussed on duniya and is not interested to learn their religion in more detail. That is why we lack in courage to speak. I suggest that we review our general behaviours, abstain from haram and give more time to deen and if we speak to other people our topic should not be world politics, but only dawaat-o-tableegh.

Abdulatiyf, Oberlin, Ohio, USA - wrote on 1/29/2003 3:23:49 AM
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Comment:Assalaamu 'alaykum. The writer is correct that Muslims in America are nearly silent about Uncle Sam's foreign policy. The reasons are largely two: immigrant muslims are afraid that they will be shipped back to where they came from if they speak out; and indigenous muslims are duped like most Americans into believing the government propaganda that "those" muslims are the bad guys and deserve what Uncle Sam is dishing out. I'm one of the minority of muslims who is indigenous and speaking out. I've posted many letters on www.AbuSaleh.com and have joined Veterans For Peace (www.veteransforpeace.org), AmericanLibertyFoundation (www.americanlibertyfoundation.org), and the Program on Corporations, Law, and Democracy (www.poclad.org). I've had letters to the editor published in the Elyria Chronicle Telegram (www.chronicletelegram.com) and I've protested with the Society of Friends in Akron at the Federal Court House. I've written letters to George Bush Jr and to my Congressmen. For one full year after 9/11, I devoted 2 hours daily to sending out emails telling my fellow Americans that Sep 11th should be a wake-up call for us all. Uncle Sam's foreign policy of installing kings, drug lords, dictators, generals, and other despots as leaders in other peoples' countries has led to the export of war in the name of oil and CIA drugs. Now, our Bill of Rights has been suspended. All Americans must rescue our liberties and export them rather than bombs. Insha'allah let us bring our troops home to defend America rather than kings and dictators. And vote out the criminals in Washington, D.C. www.fff.org and www.minaret.org

Catherine, USA - wrote on 1/27/2003 11:57:58 PM
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Comment:I wish American muslims would speak out more. I wish muslims would go to sites being run by ex-muslims like www.faithfreedom.org and talk to them, and get them to join with them and build bridges to their neighbors and fellow citizens. Americans do not like bigotry from any quarter. American muslims are our fellow citizens and any one who discriminates against them is not a true American!

Muslim Sister, England - wrote on 1/27/2003 10:58:12 AM
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Comment:Excellent stuff here....Inshallah ppl will realise n open there eyes n make a diference

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