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mohammed abubakar qasim, Bradford - wrote on 9/10/2009 8:23:35 PM
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Comment:Assalamu alaikum - It is the 21st Ramadhan tonight and I have just been doing some research on what to do tonight and on every other odd night until the end of Ramadhan and I have realised that this article gives preference to all other things to be done on this night. What better than to be in the position of prostration, in front of Allah. Subhanallah. May Allah give us the tawfeeq to have sincerety in our prayers and istiqamah in our sujoods. Jazakum Allah khair for a lovely article.

Phyllis Muhammad, - wrote on 10/30/2005 6:27:52 AM
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Comment:May Allah Reward you with the best of your desires for sharing this!

Noor, USA - wrote on 10/28/2005 12:20:44 PM
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Comment:Mashallah! What a beautiful article (and great remnder for those who've already studied it). If we, as Muslims, would just follow the wonderful example of the Prophet (PBUH), instead of filling our days with garbage and obeying our nafs, the ummah would be in much better shape. Anyway, this article is superb mashallah and I was crying the whole way through! May Allah reward your efforts.

ahmad salam, Nigeria - wrote on 5/11/2005 1:49:04 PM
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Comment:salam , i just want u to believe that information is very important in humanlife , more so about islam we are increasing in islam and we are knowing all the enemies of islam.

Saheed Muhammed, Calabar - wrote on 4/28/2005 6:23:41 AM
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Comment:Assalamun Alaikum, brothers in Islam one of the most rewarding things in the sight of ALLAH is for someone to teach another person with the knowledge HE endowed him and that is exactly what you 've been doing. May the Almighty continue to increase you in knowledge (Ameen).

Syed Mustafa Ali, San Deigo, USA - wrote on 11/12/2004 1:10:45 PM
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Comment:After reading this I relaized how should a Sajdah be and what Allah(salat-o-wa-tasleem) expects from us. May Allah give me all all muslim brothers taufeeq to follow Allah's(salat-o-wa-tasleem) beloved Prophet (sallalahu-alaihi-wasssalam). Aameeen !!

LAYLA, DARESSALAAM - wrote on 11/6/2004 9:41:55 AM
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Comment:Mashallah.........If the prophet was so long in the sajdah.......our sajdahs are nothing according to the prophets....as humans we should realise that we have to at least pray in the proper manner and lengthen our prayers....

nurudeen, nigeria - wrote on 11/5/2004 10:55:22 AM
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Comment:a great article especially for someone like me so lazy in picking up a book of al hadith. may Allah increase u in knowledge

shahina, usa - wrote on 11/1/2004 8:02:03 PM
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Comment:Alhamdulillah, It is a wonderful article which InshaAllah I'll pass it on to my friends. May Allah reward you for imparting this knowledge to us. Wassalam

shabana, london - wrote on 11/25/2003 2:10:19 PM
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Comment:Salaam brothers and sisters. Alhumdulilla that information was very useful and has made me relise that salah is very important, that muslims have to take their time and just think abt allah swt and not think abt veryday life situations example what ur gonna be doing after ur salah etc.

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