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Jennifer, Qatar - wrote on 11/4/2004 6:38:38 PM
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Comment:I like your style of writing, it is very earthy and makes something that seems difficult easy. Jazakee

Fatimah, North Carolina (USA) - wrote on 11/4/2004 2:05:57 PM
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Comment:As Salaamu-Alaikum Wa Rahmutullah Wa Barakatu, I just wanted to say that the info provided was very inciteful and very clear and understanding , As muslims we tend to forget how important Ramadan is , and sometimes we think that we can wait for the next one to really fulfull are duties ,but I just want to say after reading all this information it brought tears to my eyes ,and I pray that Allah guides us and keeps us on the straight path

fawziyah, nigeria - wrote on 11/3/2004 5:46:33 AM
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Comment:salam alaekum thanks so much for your educative articles they've been really helpful may Allah help us all as we strive in His path

Mary(am), Rochester, NY - wrote on 11/3/2004 3:45:07 AM
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Comment:Assalaamu Alaikum, Your information, insight and faithfulness is awesome. Your examples are plain and understandable-as well as inspiring and encouraging. May you continue this dawah for us muslim, and may Allah reward you greatly for your sharing of the gifts He has bestowed upon you.

Firdaus, England - wrote on 11/2/2004 3:25:50 PM
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Comment:asalamu alaykum, How are u all? Firstly I'd like to say thankyou for having so many great ideas about ramadhan and laylat-al-qadr. This site is educating me. Alhamdulilah it's great 4 increasing the knowledge of a believer or a non-believer. Keep it up!salam

Marufat, London - wrote on 11/2/2004 2:07:13 PM
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Comment:Sallam alykun.I saw a copy in a friend's box and i quickly rushed to check if it is in my own box.Sincerely it is really great.Jazzakunllai khairan fi duniya wal Aikhrat.

Arafath, India - wrote on 11/2/2004 6:18:32 AM
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Comment:Thanks for giving this kind of great articles. It increase the imaan of ordinary muslims around the world. I am sure that each muslims will inspire by this article.

latheefah, nigeria - wrote on 11/2/2004 1:11:46 AM
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Comment:salam alaykum to you all.to say i'm happy is an understatement.all i can say is jazakum llahu khayran ,for a job well done. i hope all other muslims have tuned in on this site.may Allah strenghten us all the more and may he give us victory over the kufar ,ameen.salam alaykum.

fatma, Zanzibar Tanzania - wrote on 11/2/2004 1:02:35 AM
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Comment: Assalamualaykum as far as i'm a new member to your site , but I have found it very useful and helpful , I have to congratulate you for the better work you have done may God bless you all Maasalam

falmata abatcha, antioch,california - wrote on 11/1/2004 11:14:28 PM
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Comment:I just had a baby five months ago and nursing my baby exclusively, so I can not fast. But insha Allah I will make it up soon.I will do the du"a and more prayers during the last ten nights thank you for the suggestions may allah reward you.

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