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Page url: http://www.soundvision.com/info/racism/statistics.asp

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Luis Rene, Toronto, Ontario Canada - wrote on 6/10/2005 12:51:08 AM
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Comment:This website is amazing and benifitted me in helping me with my english oral presentation on racism. Having more knowledge of other cultures is great for less ignorance arround the world.

neil mahadeo, ontario, canada - wrote on 6/7/2005 4:36:11 PM
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Comment:I like the site, i am doing a docudrama (a way to adress a topic through drama) , and i need numerical current statstics if you could add some. eg: 9/10 students admit to feeling dicriminated because of their race

Kevin, Mason, Ohio - wrote on 5/25/2005 7:55:59 AM
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Comment:Very nice job with the site, helped me finish an end of the year multi-genre paper, thanks alot guys.

Alix, Australia - wrote on 5/24/2005 12:46:11 AM
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Comment:Great article. Would be perfect if more facts were added, and if the topic had been explored in greater depth.

Scott, Ontario, Canada - wrote on 5/11/2005 7:15:40 AM
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Comment:Great site for in-depth stats about racism, I was able to use it for a student-run conference on social change. Great work.

Justin , IA - wrote on 5/9/2005 1:29:00 PM
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Comment:hey, this site was great for my peace and justice research...it sshould help my group out a lot...thnx for the time you put into the research of it!!

aubrey, lexington - wrote on 5/1/2005 6:51:59 PM
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Comment:good stuff...helped a lot w/ my english project... and to the justin guy from awile ago, you said "There is no Alah or of the like, there is only God, face the facts" Well, I'm Catholic, and Christians, Jews, and Muslims all have the same god. Christians and Jews both call him God, while Muslims call him Allah. Sure, we believe in different prophets (or no prophets at all), but before you say "face the facts," you need to learn the facts. Ignorance like this is the source of so much discrimination, and if more people understood how similar these three religions were, there would be a lot more religious tolerance.

falak mirza, STOKE - wrote on 3/17/2005 5:59:53 AM
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Comment:article was really intresting, included many facts and stats.

Nathan, York - wrote on 1/26/2005 8:02:43 AM
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Comment:Thank you very much for a great site. Your site enable me to complete a very vital powerpoint presentation for my exams. Your site was the only one that i copuld find with the correct information that i needed. THX again.

Zack, New Jersey - wrote on 12/9/2004 9:08:12 AM
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Comment:Thanks for the info really helped me a lot..peace out

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