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Robert Williams, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio - wrote on 9/26/2004 2:47:00 PM
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Comment:ASAK. Last month, August, my wife and I visited the Lorain County Fair in Wellington, Ohio. As we entered the fairgrounds through its east entrance, we passed by an Army recruitment booth. The young soldier manning the booth was engaged in coversation with some young Americans. After we walked passed him, I turned to see him pointing his rifle at us while he looked at his friends and said "Allahu Akbar". I told my wife what happened and she wanted to confront the young soldier, but I didn't want her shot so we kept on walking. A similar thing happened at the Eurotrain station in Paris: a young Uzi-carrying soldier made a pelvic thrust at my wife who was several yards ahead of me as we tried to catch the train that we missed anyway. When he realized that I was with her, he turned away. My wife wears a Libyan-styled hijab, even though she is British Indian. So soldiers, whether American or French, mistake her for an Arab or correctly take her for Muslim. These two cases bring me to my point: the military is brainwashing these soldiers that the enemy is no longer the Commies as I was brainwashed nearly 25 years ago; the new enemy is Muslims. This brainwashing has been going on for over a decade, since the first Gulf War. They teach that Muslims are not people, their hearts have no compassion, they lack feelings, they strap bombs to their children for suicide attacks, etc. The dehumanizing of Muslim people equates them with animals; the British did the same against the Irish, referring to them as "white apes". Americans kill animals regularly, from road kills on the public highways to hunting for sport. So killing animals is something that doesn't upset a majority. As long as the military brainwashes its members to hate Muslims and Arabs, they are responsible for the atrocities committed by them. This attitude is complained of by Christian Arabs as well as Muslims. wa salaam

Steve, USA - wrote on 9/24/2004 2:59:29 PM
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Comment:Being an average american, I think this article was well written and hits the mark on what the majority of americans believe in. However I do take offense at some of the posts. I, as an american before Sept 11 did not think about muslims good or bad. They did not affect my life. Now I read and hear through forums like this or through the media how the world and muslims accuse americans of being anti muslim. How we plot your demise and purposfully pick on you for your religious beliefs. I as an average american could distinguish the radical actions of the 19 hi jackers and regular muslims and I held no animosity toward YOU. But all the negative responses shown here in this forum and abroad about americans has led me to think more about muslims and the more I hear the more I dont care what happens to YOU. I believe this sentiment is spreading, we were attacked, we responded to a threat that claimed to be muslim, we continue to respond to the threat of terrorism and try to prevent it. If the MUSLIMS didnt want our interference in Afg. and Iraq maybe they should have left us alone. When you poke a big bee nest you get stung. To finish up in the words of a great man "BRING IT ON". I know you wont post this on your site because talking about free press and actually doing it are two diff things.

Karema, Los Angeles - wrote on 9/2/2004 2:13:49 AM
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Comment:I am a person that listens to many different talk radio shows, (right-wing conservative), based on the feed-back from people that call in, based on the silent Christian Community, print & TV media, I would have strongly disagree with the writer. Many American are outraged over the prison scandal, but not enough. Had the story been turned the other way, and it was Americans being abused in this way, the self righteous indignations would never end. What happen with the Geneva Convention? It went right out the window. Again I ask Americans to just imagine for one moment what the out cry would have been had American soldiers been photographed naked and worst. It is hard to look at ourselves in the mirrow and admit we are the the righteous people we claim to be in the world.

muslim, duniya - wrote on 8/21/2004 1:36:19 AM
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Comment:This articles seems like nothing more than bootlickers sucking up. The US media showed that stuff AFTER rest of the world had seen the pictures already and ALREADY knew of the abuse. Since the world knew already, so people here had to act to pretend to hate it to show face. The example of the 19 hijackers is nothing like this... they did that on their own (if they did it...) where as this was done by the government telling it's soldiers and to do it and providing the training and equipment.

Shakil, Manchester, UK - wrote on 6/23/2004 11:41:22 AM
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Comment:Im sorry but the article written was in no way any consolation to myself and i suspect any of the abused at abuGraib or Afghanistan. As we are learning today through the few media reports that are coming through some of these actions were condoned and even recommended by the government of the US i.e. use of dogs in "interrogation" of inmates in Afganistan was specifically endorsed by Donald Rumsfeld. And with regards to the medis in America it aided and abetted the lies that were told to the nation in justification of the war. i.e New york times CNN etc. We over in europe got some sort of impartiality but even that was far from balanced. I also don't think we should be using the illigetimate puppet governments of the Middle East as a bechmark/yardstick for measuring the western democracy or media against. It's like saying Ariel Sharon is much better than Hitler because he had not killed as many innocents (yet). In truth a democratic goverment should reflect the will and intentions of the people who are represented by that government. That says to me more about America at the moment. I pray that the next US elections prove me wrong! Wasalaam

KALSOOM HUSSAIN, U.K - wrote on 6/2/2004 5:05:43 PM
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Comment:salaams.I have to say that the aricle was writen in a very honest and straight from the heart manner. However, i believe that it was very narrow-minded, unintentionally though. What i would like to know is WHY did the senate even have to VOTE that the abuse should be condemned. Does such a disgusting, inhumane act need to be condemned?- surely more needs to be done about this than people voting to condemn it. After all it's actions that speak louder than words. Bush may have condemned it but he didn't apologise did he? Instead it was his colleagues. Muslims DO need to be united but Inshallah when they do, that is the time when Americans won't be putting up a fake show for definite.

John, USA - wrote on 5/28/2004 7:12:00 PM
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Comment:Well done,especially for making use of so much diverse data. But don't think these issues are over.

Maryam Arinola Alege, Lagos, Nigeria - wrote on 5/28/2004 6:11:04 AM
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Comment:Asalam alaykun, much as I would have wished for this article to be a true reflection of what is going through the mind of Americans concerning the torture and the infamous wars that are being waged against the Muslims all over the world today,but No. Mujhaid a prolivic writer though, miss some salient points here. America under President Bush needs much more to apease the Muslim world than mere open condemnations and bringing the few to "Justice". Let them not see us (Muslims) as Jews under Hitler who must be eliminated on the face of the earth because our idealogies are not the same. Let them stop the hatred right from their own soil. That way, any American Soldier that is sent to fight where ever, would do it with human face.America has to stop this carnage, enough is enough because Muslims all over the world are not better off for it. It is our own Brothers and Sisters who are being Killed, Tortured, Displaced, Despised and Incacerated on daily basis. Maa Salam.

sara, us - wrote on 5/26/2004 8:59:51 PM
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Comment:well put! I would like to see the same response re the torture and abuse of political prisoners which is an open secret among "muslim" dictators, kings, and tyrants...

Mark, London - wrote on 5/21/2004 10:57:43 AM
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Comment:Good article! But, I am amazed by some of the reactions that I've seen or read in the Media, comment such as "They want to make it clear that these are isolated cases and America is not like that" as mentioned in this article. Well how can this be so? Considering the continuing abuses in Afghanistan (see www.hrw.org) and also in the concentration camp in Cuba, and previously on file what was done in Vietnam. I find that this is "institutionalised" torture may be more than just isolated cases.

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