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An American Sis , Seattle - wrote on 3/20/2003 11:37:43 PM
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Comment:AT last someone who is not a Muslim with the ability to see clearly. A wonderful article!

khadija, Indiana - wrote on 10/1/2002 1:55:49 AM
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Dr. Syed Amer, Tennessee - wrote on 9/21/2002 9:50:11 PM
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Comment:Dear Mr. Gary. Read your article. Loved it. You have by and large summed up the general controversy and have given a much better Islamic point of view than a whole lot of others. I have come to realize that in any conflict of a religious nature people use their religion as instrument to propagate their own insecurities, fears and egotistical political Ideas. Until we as people of Judeo-christian-muslim origin try and understand and bridge the gap (promoted by the media and the few people who consider themselves doing their religion the utmost service by promoting hatred and "Fundamentalism") the war on terrorism will be lost, no matter what is done. DR Amer.

Dr. Mulazimuddin S Rasool, Mass. - wrote on 9/16/2002 11:27:46 PM
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Comment:As-Salaamu Alaikum Agree with Ali of Cambridge. Reminds me of the meetings I used to go to where colleagues would tell me what great points I made in the meeting but would not support me in front of the supervisor. It always takes the disbelievers to validate the deen. Whatever the oppressor says is gospel...

abdul, usa - wrote on 9/16/2002 9:53:18 PM
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Comment:gary fails to recognize the many good things that the usa has done ; foreign aid to many countries including moslem countries . if gary finds a lot of fault in the usa then why does't he do something about them? i wonder how he got a job at tufts university/

Rayhan Chowdhury, Atlanta, GA - wrote on 9/16/2002 6:16:28 PM
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Comment:It is indeed a very informative article.

Ali, Cambridge, MA - wrote on 9/16/2002 10:31:06 AM
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Comment:Muslims should stop getting so excited when a non-Muslim writes a few good words about our Deen. Don't we see that for every good word there is a derogatory one? He says many unsavory things about Islam and its affect of Muslims. Among them are these: he hopes for a secularization of Islam, an Islamic 'enlightenment', more permissive attitudes towards abortion, and theory of evolution over what he calls the 'ludicrous theory' of creationism. Da'wah is not the duty of non-muslims, nor are they successful at it, nor have they ever been. If we wish that others will properly understand the only way of life Allah ta'aalaa will accept, then we Muslims need to learn and read and write and take risks and suffer some discomfort. Why don't we broadcast primers written by Muslims?

Farooq Waraich, UK - wrote on 9/16/2002 9:21:52 AM
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Comment:What an excellent, open and HONEST piece of work! Please, please, PLEASE circulate more stuff like this, especially in the non-muslim communities/groups, as it will help create an atmosphere of peace and tolerance in an otherwise ignorant world.

Rose, Canada - wrote on 9/16/2002 8:18:59 AM
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Comment:Salaam! No punches where pulled in this article and I enjoyed the open and frank manner. This is a job well done and I will read it again to derive more from it. Hope to see more from Mr. Leupp. Of course there are those who will be 'aghast' at the implications but it is about time they required to actually 'think' before opening mouth!

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