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Michael A.H. Ihsan, Chandler, Arizona - wrote on 8/14/2002 3:11:01 PM
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Comment:Bismillah-Ar Rahman Ar-Rahim, I find this articles to be poor but a true representation of what 95% of those who called themselves "American Muslims" sound like. People who say they are Muslims and wish to show the true meaning of the religion of Islam, but do practices what they preach, thereby only show why they left their home country and wish not to return to make their home country into the freedom that we have here in America. This article does not give credit to where credit is do, nor this author and many like him give Native American Muslims any acknowledge as the blessing for them to be allowed into this country to called themselves American Muslims. America knows Islams better than those now claiming to bring Islam to America. The largest Muslims community in America are the Sunni Muslims under the leadership of Imam W. Deen Mohmmad. The American government has watched and accepted Al-Islam in America since 1930. Could not stop it's growth and have awarded it American Imam with the "Freedom Award" the highest Civilian Award that can be presented to a citizen by the President of the United States. The first thing this author and those who he called American Muslims must do is to stand up and face and greet his Muslim American Brother and sister who fought and never lost a battle of Spraying Al-Islam in America. Those who have shown the American government that Al-Islam is the religion of Peace. Without the author and those who have followed into this country, Islam was accepted and never suffered the oppression of it's people like the author has written about in those so-called Muslims country in America! And why, because the Muslims in America read the Holy Qu'ran , and faithly voiced "My life and my Death is all for Allah. With that said , willing knew that Allah said who will fight and sacrifice your person and your property for the cause of Islam. The followers of Imam Mohammad have done this, and the author and his followers from other Muslim countries have fled their homes because their life and thier death is not for Allah, they will not sacrifice their person and they're property for the equality of Al-Islam in ther home country. But rather come to America, not giving praise where it is due, and then claim to be "American Muslims" and must then condemed or speak out against America and it' policies. You have to first accept your brother and sister here in America, whole-heartly first before you speak. Please, don't think that President Bush doesn't know that you haven't. And don't think that President Bush doesn't know that you have and continue to practice racial prejudice against Imam Mohammad and his 2.4 million Sunni Muslim followers only becasue they are African-American. President Bush has a Holy Qu'ran and it wasn't given to him by an Immigrating Muslim. He knows Al-Islam better than you think, because he got it from his American Imam Mohammad. To voices pros and cons about Amerca's foriegn policies on Muslims countries that you have left is retarded. Go home now and voices "MY LIFE AND MY DEATH IS ALL FOR ALLAH" in your home street, mean it and change the Saddam's and the Osama bin Laden's. Then come back here, and publicly embrace the Imam Mohammad and his followers as the First Family of American Muslims. Just like my late brother did in 1975 Saudi Arabia King Faisal ( May Almighty God ALLAH forever bless him)He showed the American government that Islam is here, and is being respresented in it's purest form with no violence in the religion and true to it's Holy book the Qu'ran. And yes Louis Farrakhan was never an Muslim leader in America. Go home. Remake the world the at home. Stop the oppresion of your women there. Then come back here, sit down in Masjid Juaharatul-Islam in Phoenix, the first Masjid ever built in America from the ground up, not converted from a storefront, then go the Masjid on Arizona State University Campus built by a general contractor Muslim African American under the leadership of Imam Mohammad. Listen to the Passport, student Visa Muslims, etc, praise the Masjid as a blessing from Allah and how they must continue to show America why they are the proper people to bring Islam to America, just look at their Masjid as a example of the Religion, etc, and don't even know that brother Hasan is sitting in their mist every Friday and they don't even know him! Poor story about what American Muslim must do. To make America change its policy on and for Muslims countries over seas, you must change Your attitude on America's Muslims born and raise, who lit the Light of Al-Islam in 1930 and it has never gone out, America will never let it. Greet your brother and sister here, go home spread the truth like Prophet Mohammad did (PBUH) and come back and live the life of an America Muslim. May Allah bless you with the light of the religion of Al-Islam. As-Salaam-Alaikum. Brother Michael Ameen Haneef Ihsan

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