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Amin, Richmond - wrote on 3/10/2005 9:07:08 AM
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Comment:A very well written and consise article. It enlightens the reader and promotes the attributes of forging a unified religion. In this day and age when so many our focused on the negativity of Islam, it is vital that Shia and Sunni stand together and mend any minor differences that have been plauged both communities. It is time all peace loving people work dilgently to create a world of harmony and understanding.

Oliver Loi, Belawai, Sarawak, Malaysia - wrote on 3/10/2005 3:19:13 AM
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Comment:Well writtem proposal. However to ensure the success of a well balanced Sunni-Shia dialogue; starts with individual Muslims themselves. Growing up in Malaysia; I notice that the average Sunni (Shafi'e Mazhab) is dogmatic and lack rational thinking on the personal level. Muslims in Malaysia dare not participate in anything intellectual for fearing God's wrath. They should change. When I was in my late teens; I had the chance to befriend some excellent Shia (Shiite) friends who came to Malaysia from Pakistan to work. They have shown me that being Shias (Shiites); they were essentially God fearing and Prophet loving Muslims. It is unfortunate that the image of Shiism is generally tarnished in Sunni world. In Malaysia, it is not surprising to even hear a Sunni equating Shia Islam to Judaism - what an ignorance really! I hope a good dialogue will start soon - rather than demonizing each other; the Sunni and the Shia should come to realise that together they form the two wings of Islam. Please contact me if you are interested to pursue or continue a Sunni-Shia conversation with me. Allah bless you all.

AHMAD HUSSAIN GAZI, Kuwait - wrote on 3/10/2005 3:12:58 AM
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Comment:There are vested interested out side and inside the Muslim world who are spending millions to keep the two communities apart. We have extremists on both sides who do not consider that the other one is also a Muslim. After Irranian Islamic Revolutions Ayatullah Khumaini in a sermon on the TV said, Suni's have the same Quran, same Qibla, same Rasool as those of Shia's they are your brothers in Islam, but the world media did not publicise it. All we need is powerfull media coverage for all that we have in common between the two brothers.

Munaf Bukhari, Kuwait - wrote on 3/10/2005 1:42:32 AM
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Comment:Assalamoalikum, Well thought & wonderfully jotted down. The idea is to remove the misconceptions each group has against the other which is the main basis of conflicts. Through this dialogue, it will not only clearout the differences but also help to bring the two on the right track. All the best

, - wrote on 3/10/2005 12:56:21 AM
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Comment:Your article on Shia-Sunni dialogue for mutual harmony reminded me of the story I heard in Dhaka while visiting the legendary Ahsan Manzil of Nawab Sir Salimullah, the great Muslim philanthropist and the host to the foundational meeting of the All India Muslim League in Dhaka in 1906. Sometime in the mid-1890s, a Shia-Sunni conflict broke out in Dhaka which, at that time, had a sizable Shia population. In order to strengthen their manpower, the Sunnis had to call for reinforcement of their "troops" from Northern Bengal, just in case there was a show down. Thousands of Sunnis marched from outlying cities to Dhaka to help their beleagured sectarian brothers brothers. Nawab Salimullah invited the religious leaders from both communities to his palace Ahsan Manzil and pleaded with them to cool it off. He offered his mediation to resolve whatever was the dispute that triggered the conflict and asked the Sunni leaders to send their "troops" back to their villages and towns. The Sunni leaders, fearing that in case the disput was not resolved and the conflict broke out again, they might need some fighting men, insisted that their men would stay in Dhaka untill the mediation succeeds. They also asked that Nawab Salimullah should take care of the board and lodging of these 7 to 8 thousand 'musafirs." The Shia leaders also requested that an equal number from their side should also be hosted by Nawab sahib to "demonstrate his neutrality and good will to both communities." The mediation efforts continued for about two weeks; Nawab Salimullah went broke, and the great Ahsan Manzil had to be mortgaged to a Hindu baniya for the greater good of the Muslim unity. Mumtaz Ahmad Professor of Political Science Hampton University Hampton, VA 23668

Ahmed, India - wrote on 3/9/2005 4:02:56 PM
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Comment:Excellent and well thought. We all must strive for real brotherhood as ordained in Quran. May Allh bless us with the strength and courage to fulfil this commitment.

Safdar h. Chadda, New York - wrote on 3/9/2005 2:03:15 PM
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Comment:My Dear Brother Mujahid, AssalaamU Alaikum, May allah (SWT) bless you for this great initiative to bring it to the attention of Umma at large. We at the Islamic center of Long Island, westbury have been doing this for the last many years,We have invited many times excellent Shia scholars as lately as Sunday march 6th. for scholarly presentations which have nothing to do with our mutual differences. Some people have criticised me but we are still chugging on,InshaAllah.

Haseena Nurdeena, San Diego, CA. - wrote on 3/9/2005 1:09:51 PM
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Comment:Assalaumu Alyakum, I support the essence of this artical, it is well over do. I'm a Shia in Ca. who loves all of the believing sisters in Islam. We need to get together for the love of ALLAH, THE UMMA AND ARE CHILDREN. Because the Umma is not working at it's fullest strength we are losing are children to this dunya. May Allah bless this and all efforts towards the light.

Imam Luqman Ahmad, Sacramento Ca - wrote on 3/9/2005 11:21:35 AM
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Comment:Assalaamu alaikum, An excellent idea. Perhaps the perhaps the political climate in the Muslim world will not allow such a dialogue at the present time but certainly in North America, where the Muslim body is still forming, such an idea may be workable. It is no doubt a dialogues and reaching out whose time has come. Maybe this might be a catalyst for the dismantling of our sectarianism culture. It is utterly ridiculous that during this age of Muslim Christian dialogue, Sunnis and Shi'is hardly speak to each other, let alone work together in any meaningful way.

United Muslim Foundation, Orlando FL, Allentown PA, NJ - wrote on 3/9/2005 10:19:29 AM
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Comment:Salaam Alaikum Brother & Sisters in faith, We at the United Muslim Foundation would like to take this opportunity to commend Sound Vision and in particular Br.Mujahid for this well thought out article which highlights the impotance and urgency of Shia Sunni dialogue. The United Muslim Foundation is very excited to learn that there are like minded individuals out there who want to further dialogue, unity and understanding among the Shia and Sunni communities. WE WOULD LIKE INDIVIDUALS AND/OR CENTERS WHO ARE OPEN AND INTERESTED IN BEGINING SUCH AN EFFORT, WHEREEVER THEY MAY BE, TO CONTACT US. The United Muslim Foundation is a registered non-profit organization which serves to Promote Unity, Educate Society and Serve Humanity. We aim to Serve Humanity, working United with Muslims of all cultures, races, and nationalities and extending solidarity to other religious organizations, learning centers and local institutions, thereby promoting greater Islamic awareness and cultural understanding With Much Hope, Ahmed Sachedina - Director United Muslim Foundation Inc. www.unitedmuslimfoundation.org Tel: (407) 804-1504 Fax: (407) 804-9144

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