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Sharif, Manchester - wrote on 3/1/2003 1:43:15 PM
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Comment:Your comment about hizb ut tahrir is not only incorrect but also shows poor research on your behalf. If You go to one of the adopted books of Hizb ut tahrir called Systems of islam under the chapter of culture and Civilisation page 84 you will see that it states that the picture of a naked woman contradicts the civilisation of islam and such pictures would be prohibited in the Islamic State. This book was published in 1953 which was the year the Party was founded. You should openly recant on your statement on your main website page and fear Allah swt for ever making any other untrue statements. By Allah, Allah sees and hears all we do. www.hizb-ut-tahrir.org official webpage of the party

M.Farhan Siddique, pakistan - wrote on 2/20/2003 8:23:24 AM
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Comment:Assalam-0-Alikum, I think that u are performing a great job to introducing the bad usage of internet for the pornography but i think that we should be toghter to thought that what is the ways to stop these pornography because i think that it is not enough to describe the demerits of pornography.Firstly, we look at our house and tell our brother and sister that this is very bad thing to watch the 'porn' picture in the internet or other resources, then we tells our friends and forbid them to watch these things. I am trying my best to tell about the demerits of pornography. Proud to be a Muslim. M.Farhan Siddiq

Ali, Saudi Arabia - wrote on 12/25/2002 7:33:17 PM
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Comment:Thanks for tapping on this important issue. Pronography is spreading like wildfire in Saudi Arabia following opening the gates of internet to this conservative society. Though a firewall has been used (quiet functional) pornographic material is circulating via emails. Its unfortunate but I believe that this conservative society has been given a big dose of such material and things are getting out of control. I suggest that internet use should be limited and be under supervision by parents. As for both children and adults they should be educated about pornography on internet and how bad it is so that their concious is awakened and they become aware about the concequences of their actions while online. Good luck and jazakumallah.

farhad, uk - wrote on 10/19/2002 7:21:13 PM
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Comment:brother or sister , I find it strange that you printed something based on hearsay and not on evidence as Allah(swt) commands in the Quran when He says "O You who believe when a Fasiq comes to you with news,verify it..".Your comments re:Hizb-ut-Tahrir and pornography is based on wicked rumours and is patently false and contrary to the culture of the party.My advice is if you have no proof then I suggest you fear Allah and retract it.The Prophet(saw) said "It is lying enough for a man to repeat everything he hears."(Muslim) jazakumullah Farhad

Otaru Hauwa, Nigeria - wrote on 10/12/2002 1:59:06 PM
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Comment:Salaams, I quite agree the 'Porn' should outrightly be kicked against and if possible, something should be done about such web sites and magazines that promote such act, because it is indeed disgracing to the people involved and a degradation to the human community. It has to a large extent shown how humans have rated themselves low, even far lower than animals that have to shame in committing sexual acts which is supposed to be sacred. I pray Allah increases us in Iman and guide us to His righteous path - masha Allah. Your Sister in Islam, Hauwa Otaru (Nigerian)

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