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TiA'nna, Atlanta, GA - wrote on 11/15/2004 3:28:02 PM
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Comment:Thanks for this article! I am a Christian, and for years I have been wondering about the things that Muslims do and don't believe about Jesus. This is one of the first sites that I have been to and not seen Christians and Muslims downplay each others religion. As a Christian I was very surprised at how they responded to some of the comments made by Muslims. They ought to know that Jesus said that you aren't supposed to force your beliefs on a none believer and that it is up to them to make their own decisions. I respect this site for not doing that. Thank-you!

marshall, - wrote on 11/7/2004 3:48:59 PM
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Comment:thanks, this really displays a real religious belief from others. a great help for my education and homework! thanks soundvision

julie , Australia - wrote on 11/6/2004 1:09:23 AM
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Comment:I intend to persue more guidance. This is the first time I have read of a regilious belief system that is more in keeping with my thoughts in regards to ;'Jesus' who I never accepted him to be the 'son' of God. It makes better sense for me. In peace ..Julie

Jalil, UK - wrote on 10/14/2004 6:32:51 PM
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Comment:First of all thanks to the author of this article and secondly to all those that have honestly given their point of view about the article. As a muslim I believe that in the past few years Islam's image has been affected due to biased media (TV, newspaper etc). I have respect to all religions and I kindly ask you all to learn more about Islam before jumping into conclusion. May Allah bless you all.

Jim, Bedford - wrote on 9/29/2004 3:48:12 PM
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Comment:Good, concise article. My faith in God is rooted in Christianity, but this view shows how Muslims are indeed my brothers and that we all recognise the majesty and authority of one true God.

Daniel Archuleta, California - wrote on 9/19/2004 3:29:43 AM
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Comment:very good article... it explains both views very well!~

ash, home - wrote on 9/13/2004 10:38:22 PM
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Comment:Rating this article, I could only say excellent. I've been searching for facts on the beliefs of Muslims towards Jesus vs. the beliefs of Christians and Jesus, and before now all I/ve found was opinions. Finding this article, answered all of my questions, leaving me wanting more information. I've read so many other article where I was discouraged as well as frustrated with the answers I was given. I now look forward to finding out the real answers, and the right religion that will lead me to serving God best. Thank You!

Saji Mathew, Sharjah - wrote on 8/21/2004 9:05:41 AM
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Comment:That was a good article. As a christian it was very informative. I liked the way it was presented. As a strong believer of christianity, the article can never change my faith or opinion, but it was very informative and moreover, I was very qurious to know what importance they have forJESUS.

Nick , UK - wrote on 5/7/2004 10:51:10 AM
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Comment:Nice to read a reasonably balanced article. Was it the authors intent to attempt to convince non-moslems to join Islam? I recommend the author to join up with a Christian contemporary (i am not Christian by the way) and offer a joint appraisal of the similarities, differences, and areas for hope (which we need most of all at this time) between Islam and Christianity. Above all i enjoyed the article because i am interested in Islam, and most Islamic authored informationm on the Internet is too extremist. Metions a lot about violence done in the name of God or Allah, but not much about love, forgiveness, and respoect for human life. I will leave you with a question for both Christians and Moslems: Is God/Allah so weak that he needs people to kill in his name? Is it up to God/Allah to decide, and not those who claim to act with his consent? Thankyou. Peace forever.

Makbar Illmuham, US - wrote on 5/5/2004 10:08:35 PM
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Comment:As a former-muslim, i think this article was a good comparison to the two worlds largest religions. I moved to Italy from Iran and studied the bible for 2 years and also the Quran. I believe Christainity and Islam is very simular religion and i respect Islam. I'm still not accepted from my family because i converted to Christainity and i hope soon they realize why i chose Christianity. I think this web-site is a very place to study the two largest religions in the world. God Bless all and keep up the good work!

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