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ismail, leeds - wrote on 12/21/2009 2:24:51 PM
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Comment:salaams to my brothers and sisters.guidance is in the hands of Allah,whoever he wishes to be guided will never stray and will be on the path of the righteous,and whoever he wishes not to be guided will never find the way,peace!

maxmus, ny - wrote on 12/18/2009 9:13:20 AM
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Comment:Richard ,may God richly bless you my brother for your words. This is my comment: You said that is Paul ( whose name was Saul) was the one that say Jesus is the Son of God. I would like you to read the book of Matthew chp 16:13-17. Peter was the first to say Jesus is the Son of Living God.

Elle, New York - wrote on 12/12/2009 1:11:22 AM
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Comment:Post the author or Authors of this article please for citation purposes. Thanks, Elle

Karen, Doha Qatar - wrote on 12/7/2009 2:23:26 PM
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Comment:I am a Christian married to a Muslim and one thing I do know is that both religions believe in one God. I do not believe in the Trinity but do in the teachings of Jesus. Jesus said he was born to spread the word of God as written in Isiah. Jesus never called himself the Son of God and Isaiah called Jesus the Son of Man. Either way I am Christian because I follow the doctrine of the Christ and if I am wrong I pray that God loves me for loving him and anything else religion or otherwise is just that something else for my love for him is all that is needed. My faith not by sight

richard, Bonaire - wrote on 12/4/2009 4:50:17 PM
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Comment:Hi this is Richard again, and u seem to have accidentally deleted my comment from yesterday, but don't worry I saved it so I can re-post it all day long. Here it is again----------------Hello! May I begin my comment by saying thank you very much for this article, and I can tell it made a big impact on numerous people, besides myself; you all had some great comments. My thanks go out to the writer of this article, because I finally understand the Islamic view of Jesus. So while Iím listening to some good Christmas music I thought Iíd give my view on the subject. Iíd like to do so by trying to reference only the gospel of Matthew, which I just finished reading, and by looking on the deity and crucifixion of Jesus, and also by giving a little info on the Bible itself. LETíS BEGIN! -this information comes from myself my bible and some facts Iíve picked up on in my little Christian life, the info on manuscripts comes from a small section of a book I read about two months ago. Please feel free to look up the verses shown, in your Bible or Quran. If you donít have one or the other you may find them online at Quranexplorer.com or BibleGateway.com While I read through the gospel of Matthew, something new stuck out to me that I had never really given much thought to before. It was that Jesus foretold to his disciples that he was to be scourged, crucified and rise again on the third day (Matthew 20:18-19). He did this several times, including Matthew 16:21, 17:22-23, and 26:2; and also in the other gospels, but they arenít fresh in my memory. Jesus also gave his reason for his death; in Matthew 20:28 Jesus states he was to give his life as a ransom for many, and in Matt. 26:28 Jesus says his blood was to be shed for the remission of sins. All of this leads up to Matthewís account of Jesus Christís horrific suffering and crucifixion Matt. 27, in which he bore the Fatherís righteous judgment for the sins of all humanity. Next Iíd like to look briefly on Christís deity in the book of Matthew. Some statements of his deity as the Son of God may be found in Matthew 3:17, 8:29, 14:33, 16:16, 27:43, Just to list a few in the book of Matthew. Matthew also accounts of Jesus being worshipped, which can be found in Matthew 14:33, 28:9, and also 28:17. My favorite of all of these verses is Matt. 14:33 in which Jesus is worshipped as the son of God (Combo). If one reads any of the Gospel accounts seeking to find the truth of their message, they will find that Jesus is God the son, he was crucified on the cross where he willingly gave up his spirit, he was resurrected, and he ascended into heaven where he is today. The BIBLE! Alright so everything I have written pertains to the first gospel account in Matthew, but if one doesnít believe in the bible what I have written is completely irrelevant. The Quran refers to the bible as coming from Allah and also as guidance and as a light Sura 5:46-47. So the Quran acknowledges the bible as not an evil deceitful message, but that it is from Allah. Islam claims to believe in the gospel accounts (injil). So does this mean that they believe everything I just wrote? No  , for the most part the current Islamic view of the gospel is that it has been corrupted. So has the gospel been corrupted? No , the Quran states that there is no changing the words of Allah (Sura 10:64). If you for some reason view Surah 10:64 as not applying to the bible (Godís word), or that an all-powerful, all-knowing, benevolent God canít keep His word safe from humanity; then letís have a brief look at history. Bibles today are translated from ancient manuscripts; the New Testament alone has over 24,000 of these manuscripts, and 230 of them date back to before the 6th century AD (Bramsen 35). Muhammad began his teaching in about 610 AD (early 7th century), and in these teachings Allah through Muhammad confirmed the torah, prophets, and the gospels as guidance and light; which we still have today. In conclusion, the Bible holds that Jesus is the Son of God, that he was crucified for our sins, and that he rose victorious from the grave. The Quran does not hold these views of Jesus, but does proclaim that the Gospel message is from Allah, and should be viewed as truth. I hope you see that one cannot view the gospel message as truth, and not recognizing Jesus Christ for who he was and what he did in the gospel message. I recognize that this is not a light subject that I have touched on, and this is because our faith not only affects us in the present, but also for all of eternity. So I ask you to carefully consider my words, as they may aid in whether you place your faith in what Jesus Christ did for you, or in what you may try to accomplish yourself through good works (Sura 23:100-103). If you seek any further study on this issue, please order ďOne God One MessageĒ by P.D. Bramsen, it is a more complete study on the authenticity of scripture and also a brief in depth study in the Old and New Testaments. My life has benefitted very much from it, and so can yours, no matter what your faith is. May the God of Peace Bless you and keep you as you think on eternity. -Iíd love to hear any questions or comments anyone might have. And have a merry Christmas -

richard, Bonaire - wrote on 12/4/2009 4:46:30 PM
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Comment:to Sd Shahad: You had some very interesting ideas in your last comment. I would just like to say that while 1 John 5:7 (verse on trinity) is only found in a handful of manuscripts, its submission or omission does not change the fact that the bible supports the view of the trinity, one example being Matthew 28:19-20, when Jesus commands the disciples to baptize in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Also, I feel I must tell you that Christ's ascension into heaven may be found in the NIV as well as the other translations. And one last comment. The Quran states "And argue not with the People of the Book except by what is best, save such of them as act unjustly. But say: We believe in that which has been revealed to us and revealed to you, and our God and your God is One, and to Him we submit." Sura 29:45. So again the Quran accepts the Bible.

sara, new york city - wrote on 12/4/2009 3:25:30 PM
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Comment:hi sisters and brothers. its not because iam muslim that iam trying to convince you to accept what i believe in because Allah guide people who want to find the way it is like when u r lost and u just have to ask to find the way. our quran is very rational and has been sent to all human kind. the first verse that u read in quran is ALLAH guide us to the straight path. think about this beautiful sentence. dear brother and sisters , i know that the christians believe in trinity and they always say think about trinity as one. it is like 1 +1 +1= 1 which is not logical because we know 1+1+1=3. second, how the priest is not allowed to marry who is just human being and you dont apply this to ALLah who is the creator of the universe which makes contradiction. so, ALLAH cannot have a son because u just made it clear when u say think about God as one. another thing, does the human being who made a table is he made of wood. no because it is human being. so u cant say that the creator has to be as creatures. u cant apply that the person who creates a table is mad e of wood because it is not logic,. i just want to to understand that u cant apply what is human to the material. so the creator cannot be as creature. look around and see how God made it clear to you to understand that There is only ONE God and could not be human. Jesus is one of the prophets that God sent him to human kind to show them the way. he was not killed but God raised him up. Allah Says< Say! He is God, the One! The Eternally Besought of all! He does not beget, nor is He begotten. And there is nothing comparable to Him." God made the message clear for human being because we r all have a brain to think about whats logic and illogic. another verse where Allah says"And this is My Straight Path, so follow it and do not follow the other paths lest they divert you from His way>. lets think this through, as we all know that any company in the world has its own law right so it cannot have different laws because the employees would get confused which one would follow thats why we see in all the companies only one law and could not be more. at school as well and every institution. those secural insititions reflect the reality that the law must be one not multiples . so the universe has only one creator and one law book that has been sent to all human kind where everyone will be asked about it in the day of judgement and God made it clear is Quran. whereever you go there is only one Quran and this is the last book for muslims and all human kind. God is only one and the last prophet is Muhammed Pbuh, and one religion is islam. God made it easy for you but u have to make an effort to find it . people who r not muslims. it is sent to all human kind. in additon , the sciences have proved what has been said in Quran 1600 years ago in the 20 and 21 century. God gave you a brain to think so why dont you . u see proves everywhere, at school and whereever you go. one thing i would like to tell you brothers and sisters, ask God for guidance because nobody will be excluded in the day of judgement. be logic thanks brothers and sisters.

Sd Shahad, St. John's, Canada - wrote on 12/4/2009 1:19:01 AM
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Comment:An emergency Call to all: Dear, Chirsitain brothers & sisters. please read my comment and you will see how the Muslim point of view about Jesus is 100% correct. My response is is only about the 'Trinity '', I can deal with all the matters, but I don't want to make a lengthy writing. Islam gives a very high position to Jesus. Jesus (peace be upon him) was not only a prophet, he was one of biggest prophet s, who was one of the most rightious person to God (Allah). And Islam believes many miracles that he performed. Now, the question why Islam diffrs from certain doctrines of christianity. The answer is, Islam made the correction to your beliefs. Islam agreed with you which was true for Jesus, but made correction upon you, for which was interpolated by humans about jesus. Let us go point by point. 1. Trinity: Islam rejects the idea of Trinity, from the very begening; Fortunately, now-a-days all Christian Scholars came to realize that the 'Trinity' idea was an interpolation by the church. And all modern version (the New Standard Version, The American Standard Version, New International Version (NIV) and all other versions (except King James version) have thrown out this verse of Trinity. The verese that contains, 'There are three bear record in heaven, the father, the word and the holy ghost and these three are one'. This verse is thrown out as a fabrication, as an interpollation..If you don't belive, please look at those versions that I mentioned. Here something to realy observe, look, Islam rejects the Trinity idea earlier, not because of your scholars told today, but because Allah knew it. Today, your scholars finds that this verse was an interpollation. But Prophet Muhammad (sm) found it 1500 years before, a man thousand miles away from Jerussalem, and at that time even no bible was translated into Arabic, and far more, prophet Muhammad (sm) was an Ummi (the person who can not read and write). How did he agreed with all other ideas about Jesus, but rejected the idea of Trinity? The reason is that it's not the prophet, it's the works of the almighty God (Allah). Almighty God is not Ummi, He knows everything. So, eventhough all christians believed the idea of trinity, but Isalm rejected. And Islam is not inconsistent, like your Christian scholars. There is no problem for Islam to agree with the true ideas about Jesus, but Isalm does not care to reject the false idea about Jesus, even all christians go against this rejection. The same conflict goes to crucifiction. Now-a-days many of your scholars are finding that the crucifictaion may not take place as the bible says, may be it was a fiction (like Quran says, it were appeared to them so, but for ever suarity they did not kill him (nor crucified him)'. The Anglican Chritian scholars in England wrote '"it may happen that the crucifiction and all other things that is described in the bible may did not happen exactly how the bible dscribed". See, how the bible is changing over time. Another example is the assention of Jesus (Mark, Luke, say that Jesus went into Heaven) is also thrown out as a fabrication in the NIV, and all other modern versions. My dear brothers, can't u see? God gave u intellect, u r the people who r landing over moon, discovering complicated machienes, and yet why can't you see the truth. A book like Bible which is changing over period of time, can ever be a guidance for the whole mankind untill the destruction of the world. No, the injil was for a period of time and for a certain nation (Children of Israel). But, Injil is ot what u r telling today that Luke, mark, John, pitter, Paul. Injil is what Jesus taught. Mark tell us Jesus went to certain place and preached injil (gospel), Luke tells the same. But, did Jesus had Mark, Luke, John, pitter, Paul, all thse books under his arm? No. What God reaveld to him at that time, that is what he was preaching..And that is what we call injil. Not today's manipulated and corrupted text (Mixed up) Mark, Luke, John etc. Howvere, Today the west are coming to realize the truth. But, it's so late brother, Jesus told you, 'My father is greater than I", "My father is greater than all", 'The works that you see and the words that you hear, are not mine", he said, 'all poweris given to me", he said, "I with the finger of God cast out devil", he said, "don't call me good, the one and only Good is God", he said, 'No man, nor the son, knows that hour (day of judgement), but only the father in heaven", he teaught you how to pray, 'pray like this, Oh, our father, which utern heaven, hell'wud be in thy name.....", Jesus never said to worship him. His fisrt commadment was 'here O Israel, our lord is one". My brothers, it's the time to realize the truth. I know u will say, that jesus said, "I and my father are one". But please read the context, in which sense he said it. An example, If I you say that you support Democrat, and I said I also support Democrate, so we are one. It doesn't mean that you and me are one in power, in omicience, it means you and me are one in same ideolohy, one in sme mission and same vission. The same thing was there, if you read the full context, you will find it easily. And 'about giving life to Lazarus'. Plz again read the context, when Jesus performed that miracles, Jesus raised his two hands and looked towards heaven and said loudly, 'O my father, I know thou has heard me, and you hear me always" means, he was praying to God so that God allows him to bring Lazaru back from dead. The bible said, he was groaned in the sprit. ACtually he prayed to God. And he tailked to God loudly so that 'the people stand by, they may know that thou has sent me'. Jesus actually felt that the people may get misundestadning, that jesus gave life to the dead, and that's why jesus said those word loudy so that people don't misunderstand him, and so that people may believe that Jesus is a true prophet sent by God. Brother, if you don't wat to listen to me, just read the qur'an, you will easily recognise, that it's God who is addressing you. Jesus told, "even the sheeps and goats cn recognize master;s voice", why cant you recognise your master;s voice. If u still want to belive in Jesus, I insist at least out of interest u should read Qur'an. At least you should think why, this book made 100 billions people to belive in such a religion named Islam. If you think that the Muslims are sick, at least to understand this sickness, you should read the qur'an. And I gurantee if you read it with normal heart and not with prejudice mind, you will find your master's voice easily. Didn't you ever asked yourself, why those big big people "Yusuf estes, Judge in England, Mickel Moor, (NY's mayor), Yusuf Ali, why they are accepting Isalm. Just think man, think, I pary so that llah guides you on the right path. Thank you.

Samuel, Baton Rouge - wrote on 12/1/2009 11:07:25 PM
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Comment:I sincerely hope that i can manage to phrase this comment in such a way to make people THINK about what i say and not simply make an immediate judgment. That said, firstly, i do not believe in religion i find it supremely irritating. Now, i am a christian, confused yet? I have faith in the Lord God almighty, creator of heaven and earth, and i believe in the bible, that is FAITH and BELIEF, not religion. To me religion is a thing of man, founded on faith and personal beliefs held by many people, take those beliefs, faith, add traditions with a few rituals and you get religion. The problem with religion is that HUMANS can create traditions, or alter them, adding human thoughts to the teachings of God. Now my second thought, according to my beliefs Jesus died to offer salvation from our sins, giving us the option to choose the ways of God over our own worldly ones. He paid the debt for every sin of every human throughout all time, including "original sin", with his death. EVERY sin of EVERY human, all the billions of people who have lived throughout history, who each probably had billions of individual sins. To pay this incredible debt we owed, an incredible sacrifice was required, the death of a sinless person, Jesus Christ. That's all i have to say for now. These are my beliefs, think on them, comment, ignore them, rip them apart, spit on them if you want, i don't mind. I don't care for prejudice, i know what i believe and my intent was simply to provide some thinking material and possibly show another perspective. I do believe in tolerance as well, meaning i don't mind if someone believes differently from me, but i will not say that they are correct and that "Their way" is also a way into heaven, I believe that Christ is the only way into heaven, that is MY belief. I am tolerant in that i don't mind if others believe differently, i will state my beliefs, listen to what others have to say, think about what they said, try to understand their perspective, and think on my own beliefs.

Siridh, Virginia - wrote on 12/1/2009 4:52:36 PM
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Comment:This is an interesting article, I did not know that Islam believed in the biblical prophets! Neither did I know they had anything to do with Jesus. It looks like the problem comes with Jesus' death and resurrection. His death was not a failure, it was God's plan for salvation. As the angel of death passed over those who put the blood of the lamb on the doorpost and lentils of their homes upon leaving Egypt with Moses; Jesus, the Son of God, is the lamb of God which causes the angel of death to "pass over" us. They had to believe to follow God's instructions which saved them.

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