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ruth, nelsonville - wrote on 8/20/2010 1:23:40 PM
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Comment:Mohammed revealed who he thinks he is in koran 61-6..He said he is the comforter that Jesus said comes after him in John 14-16...The comforter is the holy ghost spirit of god...Blasphemy of holy ghost comforter is unforgivable sin.... Mohammed same as said he was god..

ruth, nelsonville - wrote on 8/20/2010 1:22:21 PM
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Comment:Mohammed revealed who he thinks he is in koran 61-6..He said he is the comforter that Jesus said comes after him in John 14-16...The comforter is the holy ghost spirit of god...Blasphemy of holy ghost comforter is unforgivable sin.... Mohammed same as said he was god..

Abdullaah, India - wrote on 8/14/2010 8:22:05 PM
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Comment:The following link contains the comparative religion points from Christianity and Hinduism with respect to Islam: http://comparative-religion-points.blogspot.com/ (1) Prohibition of Alcohol:- Manu Smriti: 9:235, 11:55; Rig Veda: 8:2:12, 8:21:14; //BIBLE: Proverbs: 20:1, 23:31; Ephesians: 5:18. (2) Prohibition of Pork:- //BIBLE: Leviticus 11:7-8; Deuteronomy 14:8. (3) Prohibition of Usury (Interest on Money/Loan/Credit):- Manu Smriti: 11:62, 8:152; //BIBLE: Leviticus 25:36-37; Ezekiel 18:13, 22:12; Psalms 15:5. (4) Permission for Non-Vegetarian Food:- Ramayana: 2:20:29; Manu Smriti: 5:30, 39; Mahabharata: 13:88. (5) Veil/Head Scarf:- Rig Veda: 8:33:19; //BIBLE: 1st Corinthians 11:5. (6) Oneness of God & Prohibition of Idol Worship:- VEDA: Yajur Veda 32:3, 40:8-9; Rig Veda 1:164:46, 6:45:16; UPANISHAD: Khandogya: 6:2:1, Shwetashvatara 6:9, 4:20; GEETA: 7:20, 10:3; BRAHMA SUTRA; //BIBLE: Leviticus 26:1; Exodus 20:4. (7) Prophet Muhammad's Description:- Bhavishya Purana: Prati Sarag: Parv III: Khand 3: Aday 3: Shloka 5-8, 10-27; Samveda: Book II: Hymn 6: Verse 8; //BIBLE: Deuteronomy 18:18; John 14:16.

Edward Rhodes, Port of Spain - wrote on 8/7/2010 8:29:05 AM
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Comment:So much talking,writing and opinions - How can conscious balance and peace be acquired attempting to intellectualize these attempts to record,rationalize history and theory.Greater utility of energy may be derived by ensuring the continuous still of the mind supported by a cleansed physical existence....

Joe Losiak, Altamonte Springs - wrote on 7/31/2010 9:44:48 PM
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Comment:1 John 2:22-23 (NASB) 22 Who is the liar but the one who denies that Jesus is the Christ? This is the antichrist, the one who denies the Father and the Son. 23 Whoever denies the Son does not have the Father; the one who confesses the Son has the Father also.

Gayle D. Coleman, East St. Louis - wrote on 7/11/2010 11:39:16 AM
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Comment:Very enlightening for me. I studied comparative religion far back in the 70's and now that I am a 59 year old retired person I am thinking of studying more and joining organizations that support peace and understanding between different religious groups. May we all be guided by the spiritual code of our creator that tells us to love our neighbor as ourselves.

prashanth, india - wrote on 7/9/2010 10:58:58 PM
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Comment:My dear friend your not believing jesus even his crusifiction .It is seems that your blinded in eternally.Scientifically iinnocent Jesus.t is proved.MY point is jesus said untill jhon there are prophets.AND you didnt know the value of blood.ur scripture had written after bible.Jesus say...satan is coming by making imself as light engil.my friends ur decided blidndly to meet through mans is it impossible.To possible come to the cross of jesus .My dr friends many prophets had tould about jesus.In jechariya ..jehova comes and live in the earth.I am not under ruling of anyone but iam under jehova(jesus christ) he died up on cross instead of me .God much loved this world so that he given his begotten son to defeat enemy.Ur same as like as parisaya and juda.But one thing should remember who belives in jesus christ they not die spiritually but have everlasting life.do check ur life where ur do u know spiritual batting.do u the temple johova.One thing god given to me to share with you does god satisfied with the blood of lambs and cows.He already said abraham iam not satisfied with blood of animals but i wanted ur heart to my living house.TO many of your doing likes this.But ur warship goest black darkness.The sinless jesus christ blood make you and me to meet god with peace.Do u pray to god.do you think god listen or not.It is definetly true god doesnt listen to you because god doestn listen to sinner.Hear my point is the if pray in the name of jesus christ then it is strongly effectively goes to our god.

Michael, London - wrote on 7/4/2010 11:24:32 AM
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Comment:Hi everyone, I'm a penticostal christan, and came accross this site cos a friend asked me what muslims say about Jesus. I don't normally post stuff, but I admired the tone of your site, and just wanted to clear things up about Jesus performing miracles cos He was the Son of God.We don't beleive Jesus performed miracles as the Son of God, but as son of man. I promise I'm not trying to preach to you on the sly, but I need to explain the 'son of man' thing. Bottom line is, man sinned so man must pay. For salvation to work, Jesus had to become a man, and die for our sins. He had to be a perfect man (without sin), hence the virgin birth (so not to be born of sin). Why perfect ?, so He could be a perfect sacrifice (otherwise His sacrifice wouldn't help us any). So a perfect man sacrifices himself for the sins of man. Ok, back to the miracle thing; As a perfect man (without sin) Jesus had a perfect relationship with God (ie like man was meant to have). Think of Him as a perfect template for man, to show us how things were meant to work. One consequence of this right standing with god was the ablility to perform miracles. So Jesus was saying, look, this is what a man in right standing with God can do. OK, so you're not going to be as good as Me, I'm the perfect template, but you can get somewhere towards it. The disciples also performed miracles, but not to the extent that Jesus did, cos their standing with God wasn't as good as Jesus'. This is what penticostals and baptists believe. Not sure about other religions. I don't think jews belive Jesus was the messiah, I think they're still waiting for Him to turn up. I think Catholics belive in the messiah, but I'm not sure why they they need the pope. Thanks for your time Michael (UK)

Sonja, Cairo - wrote on 6/30/2010 7:29:15 AM
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Comment:Please check the scholarly opinion on the Gospel of Barnabas, before you refer to it. The majority of scholars, including Muslim ones, agree it is of much later date than you mention. It is not to be confused with the 'Epistle of Barnabas' or 'The Acts of Barnabas'. For those interested in knowing more about this Gospel, please check out Wikipedia (as a start). In the honorable quest for explanation of such important and dear issues as 'faith', it seems unfitting to browse by the human capability of 'discernment' and critical, careful, scientific study. If Islam is the faith of 'Science', as I am told sometimes, Islamic scholars should provide us here an example.

Mimi (reply to shelli), London - wrote on 6/12/2010 2:27:53 PM
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Comment:i understand what u mean about the authenticity of the quran, but throughout the life of prophet muhammed (p.b.u.h) he had a companion, close friend abu bakhar of whom he solely trusted im sure abu bakhar believed in everything muhammed (p.b.u.h) was going through during his revalations with Allah and was one of the few companions who witnessed muhammed (p.b.u.h) speaking out loud the words of allah, this later on was written down with approval from both muhammad (p.b.u.h) and abu bakhar when the writer repeatedly recited it out loud so that muhammed (p.b.u.h) was satisfied with its accuracy, after muhammed (p.b.u.h) death it was turned into a book which was passed down to muhammeds (p.b.u.h.) widow hafsa who was entrusted with it, then another companian uthman made thousands of copies of this. Resulting in its exact same form and text of todays quran.

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