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Safia, Mississauga - wrote on 1/22/2010 4:38:58 PM
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Comment:Anyone interested in organic halal meat can visit www.blossompure.com. Organic halal meat can also be shipped to the US :)

Tabasum Amir, Chicago, IL - wrote on 9/20/2005 4:08:11 PM
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Comment:This was truly an eye opener. I have always been fond of organic, nutritious, and wholesome foods. To emphasize this is truly fantastastic. It gives a new meaning to the word Halal and can be used to prevent many health problems in the community and world. After all, obesity is causing many health problems and eating less meat and saturated fats from the animals would really contribute to less obesity. Also, eating fast food contributes to a lot of obesity also which will be reduced by focusing on such ideologies. We need to promote more awareness of these principles to government regulations and policy makers.

Rafi, Lahore, Pakistan - wrote on 7/20/2005 6:41:51 AM
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Comment:Thanks for valuable information, But it seems to have more public involvement and government regulation to counter such situation and avoid spreading such disease.

Rayhana, Ellicott City, MD - wrote on 11/24/2004 3:47:30 PM
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Comment:Thank you for making this kind of information available to Muslims. I hope to see more public awarness and more importantly solutions to this problem.

Munier Morgan , South Africa - wrote on 10/11/2004 6:48:41 AM
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Comment:The process of slaughtering and storage is not enough to signify a product to be Halaal. Muslim Councils need to be involved in the whole process or cycle of a animal to give certification We need to go beyond the point of just the method of slaughtering and be contend that the meat is halaal We must determine origin of animal and where the animal was born System endorsed with regards to feeding and nurturing of animal These functions should be the responsibilty of Muslim regulating authorities who have the responsibilty of certifying meat as being halaal It does not make sense that live stock are being fed pork and animal flesh and then sold to abbotoirs that slaughter and certify halaal We need to be more pro active and take the lead after all we are the consumers of this meat So it is the whole process from birth to feeding and food types and medication and interaction with other animals that determines if this animal is lawful for consumption Salaam

Nadir Uddin, San Jose, CA - wrote on 7/14/2004 11:51:48 PM
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Comment:Thanks for your article. What a sad and crazy world it is when animals are treated the way they are in this country, all for increased profits. Ever since the first case of Mad Cow disease was found in America (the products from which were sold in the town I live in) I have felt that it is better to eat meat that is tayyib but not halal, instead of halal but not tayyib. It is sadly unfortunate that meat that is halal and tayyib is so hard to find. Fortunately I live near a place that sells a wide range of natural meats only. But it is time that muslim start demanding their halal butchers seek out natural and organic cows instead of seeking out the cheapest halal butcher available. Inshallah things will soon get better.

UmmAliya, Midwest, USA - wrote on 6/8/2004 4:43:10 PM
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Comment:This is a very informative article. I always was curious of the market that my husband and I use. Many times the meat was extremely bloody which I have never encountered when travelling in predominately muslim countries. Now it's even more disturbing to know that some of the meat I've been thinking was halal has been fed animal byproduts subhanAllah. However in smaller cities where the muslim population is small you often don't have much of a choice unless you decide to go vegetarian or vegan.

Karen Ibarra, mid-Michigan - wrote on 5/12/2004 9:20:47 AM
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Comment:This article has been very helpful. We raise naturally fed goats. I am seeking a halal facility to help butcher and market them. It appears there is an interest in the type of product we are producing. Is there anyone in this state who is interested in helping provide this natural meat to the consumer??? Please e-mail us, we have market ready animals available now.

rizwanalibhai, uk - wrote on 2/24/2004 8:06:09 PM
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Comment:I have been wanting to found an organic halal meat mail order company for quite some time. is there anyone in the uk interested in such a business scheme if viable.

um omar, - wrote on 2/7/2004 12:41:47 AM
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Comment:assalam aleikum: very good article. since I read it I have been looking for more articles and try to find halal/organic meat providers . if anyone knows how to get to these providers please let me know on this web site. We live in Michigan and there are a lot of halal meat markets but most are not organic.

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