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Hashmi, Canada - wrote on 1/10/2006 8:58:38 AM
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Comment:Jazakallah for explaining Eid Prayer so nicely.

Abdul Sattar, California - wrote on 1/10/2006 4:36:13 AM
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Comment:Masha Allah, You said it is according to Hanafi Fiqh. But some keep saying 5 & 7 Takbeer. Which is Valid acording to Imam Shafi (RA). Please remind your reader both Fiqh based on Quran, Hadith of Prophet (saw) and Practice of Shaba (Ridwanul lah e Majmaeen). Also you said: After the third Takbir, the Imam will begin reciting the Quran. At that point, you should put your hands on your chest, with your right hand on top of the left. If it according to Hanafi Fiqh that it should be on the Naval or even little below Naval. Please check Hanafi fiqh's famous book " Hidya" JazakumAllah Kherin

Yahya, Cazalas - wrote on 1/9/2006 12:28:01 PM
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Comment:Yes, jazaakumullaahy khayr for your time in writing this article. I do agree, however, that you should have mentioned that this information is according to the Hanafi mathhab, and perhaps there are authentic statements of the prophet, sallallaahu 'alayhe wa sallam, regarding the number of takbers that you mentioned. I am aware of the following hadeeth narrated by 'Aaisha: Aa'ishah (radhi allahu anha) said: “Allah's Messenger (sallallahu alaihi wa-sallam) would say Takbeer in both Fitr and Adha: seven in the first and five in the second, other than the two Takbeers of Ruku (bowing).” [(Saheeh) - Abu Dawood (1150) and others]

AbdulLatif , Lagos, Nigeria - wrote on 12/31/2005 2:07:32 PM
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Comment:May Allah be Praised! Islam has really made us Muslim a critical Ummah. We do not just accept pronouncements without scrutiny. Moreso if such has to do with islamic jurisprudence (Fiqh). The promoters of this site are highly commended for this great job of educating muslims, but a lot needs to be done in providing sources and references of the infomation being disseminated. As it is by doing this that our deen would remain free from being corrupted with people's personal opinions. please join the muslims of Nigeria in praying for the repose of the soul of our eminent scholar Sheikh Kamaldin Al-Adabiyy. Maa salam.

Sumayah, Puerto Rico - wrote on 1/18/2005 7:44:02 PM
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Comment:Asslamu Alikum May Allah reward all the work and effort you put on your website. I have been using your articles for years and translated them into Spanish to give to new Muslims in my community. Mashaalah. Yusuf AlQaradawi said once: "A man from the desert will meet the Prophet (sws), make shahadah and come back to the desert 3 days later and never see the Prophet again and still he die a Muslim and go to Paradise. Today we read 100 books of fiqh and still we are not sure about the correct wudu." Thank you all for showing Islam as it is: clean and simple. Jazak Allah Kahiran Sumayah min Puerto Rico

ABDUL MALIK, KONONGO GHANA - wrote on 12/31/2004 3:42:23 AM
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Comment:Assalam Alaikum,This article is very educative and useful to new muslim who can read english. May ALLAH continue give you wisdom to continue with the good work, insha allahu paradise is for you.

Mirza, Trinidad - wrote on 2/2/2004 8:17:53 AM
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Comment:Assalamu Alaikum, Thank you for an informative site. I read the comments on this article. Your description of the Eid salaah is an accepted method by many muslims. What you should have done however, is say that this is according to the Hanafi madhhab. Whenit comes to fiqh issues, qualification of the information is necessary.

Noor Mohammed Kazim, India - wrote on 1/30/2004 6:12:36 PM
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Comment:Its good to have a website which gives knowledge about Islam to our brothers and sisters across the globe.Please keep up the good work.

Suhila malik, London - wrote on 1/30/2004 8:53:16 AM
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Comment:Jazak allah Khair for all the infor provided by all brothers/Sisters. We are all in the learning process, and I feel we learn each day of our life. This is a fantastic site and very useful for all of us. Eid Mubarik to all - remember me in your Duaas.

Nazira Ali, Trinidad West Indies - wrote on 1/30/2004 5:57:54 AM
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Comment: Assalaamu Alaykum May Allah Subhanahu wata'ala reward you immensely for the good job u are doing. However with your article on the performance of the Id Salaah I agree with the last two writers re- the number of takbeer in either Eid al Adha or Eid al Fitri. When we give sound advice for many Muslims to follow then we should always provide the daleel for our statements. I too share the the following practise:- that the first raka'at should have 7 takbeers after takbeeratul ihraam and the second rakaah has 5 takbeers after getting up from second prostration of first raka'ah (called i'tidal). This is how it's performed: - After opening takbeer (takbeeratul ihram), recite the opening supplication (subhanakallahumma ...) - the Imam will then make additional takbeer by raising the hands and then place the hand again on the chest; then recite "subhaanallah, walhamdulillaah, wa laa ilaaha illallaah, allaahu akbar. This should be done 7 times - After that, the Imam will recite Al Faatihah and finsh the first rakaah as usual On second rakaah after takbeer for i'tidal, the Imam should do 5 takbeers in each of which one would again recite subhaanallaah, wal hamdulillah,wa laa ilaaha illallaah, allaahu akbar. May Allah wa jaal ,SubhanAllah help us in keeping away from innovations in His Deen , Insha'Allah.

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