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ayesha, pakistan - wrote on 8/12/2004 9:24:06 AM
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Comment:jazakallahkhairan katheera, i made my teens read this article.they werent too excited but at least they know and i know that there are others(kids) who cant get up for fajr.....may ALLAH help all our kids and us and protect us from the shaitaan.ameen

Dr. Ziaur Rahman, lahore, Pakistan - wrote on 8/12/2004 3:27:48 AM
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Comment:These are very useful tips to regularize our children for praying Fjr. Allah may help us to fulfil our duties-Aameen.

nur diana chan, malaysia - wrote on 8/11/2004 10:41:59 PM
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Comment:i like the idea of buying an alarm clock for the children. I have never thought of it as a gift that children will appreciate but with this article, it has given me a differnt perspective. i'll try it for my son's upcoming b'day and he turns 7.

arfa, va - wrote on 8/8/2004 1:45:26 PM
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Comment:also what really got me going was one of the signs of the day of judgement, every morning before fajr in the caves of syria there are two monsters waiting to go destroy everything, they must dig their way through the caves to get out and they are closest at the time of fajr, the only way they can get out if no one in the whole world prays fajr, that got me going to pray fajr in the morning

anum, pakistan - wrote on 7/31/2004 2:31:41 AM
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Comment:These ways r gr8 .......n inshAllah i will try to follow them up........I think 1 of them is enough 4 a person who really wanna offer Fajar Prayer........May Allah give all of us alot of courage to come up with our desires n dreams......Aamin..

Younes, - wrote on 6/30/2004 9:38:42 PM
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Comment:Very good article masha Allah. Good advice. May Allah bless you all for writing such an educational article.

hiba raheema, india - wrote on 4/21/2004 9:02:54 AM
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Comment:i think this was a great artical.i am very poor whn it comes to praying,most of all fajr.but (allah willing)i'll use these tips ypuv given.i wanna thank sound vision for doing such great works,thank you.assalaamoe alaikum.

jaweria zaheer, pakistan - wrote on 3/11/2004 4:48:29 AM
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Comment:it is great i really appreciate it

Fatima, Amsterdam - wrote on 12/4/2003 7:26:11 AM
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Comment:great article! I don't have kids yet, but it is also a very good article for myself (and i think for all other muslims), getting up for fajr can be sometimes very difficult, shaytaan is so strong at that moment, but alhamdoelilah, I'm really going to use that wonderfull tips. It's really important to change bad habits, like going late to bed etc. (not just for kids, but also for adults!) our daily schedule has to be totally Islamic, may be it is difficult when you live in a non-muslim country, but we have to work for it, we have to work for the Paradise!! may Allah guide us all on His way, ameeen. assalaamoe alaikoum!!

sania, manchester uk - wrote on 5/12/2003 6:04:24 PM
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Comment:xellent way of waking up 4 Fajr i think i'll print these and use them.(thats if the sister or brother don't mind) jazakallahkher!

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