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Habeeb, Guyana - wrote on 12/25/2004 11:26:51 AM
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Comment:I'm reminiscing so much of my childhood Chistmas and than God for the impetus it has given me into Interfaith work around the world.

Oriola Badmus, Nigeria - wrote on 12/15/2004 9:58:51 AM
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Comment:Salam, A very great article. In South West Nigeria, hardly would you know the difference between Muslims and Christians. We live together in all harmonies. Christmas or Eids are part of everyone of us without compromising individual beliefs. The bond is too thick. How I wish this applies all over the world. Wasalam

Azrail, - wrote on 12/10/2004 10:01:59 PM
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Comment:AOA all & Happy Holidays to all those celebrating Xmas :) Indeed, a refreshing article highlighting some of the many virtues of Islam - great use of references from pr. Muhammed (pbuh). I'm also heartened to read the comments of the Islamic & Xtian readers that also echo the virtues of peace, love, tolerance, understading, & support...bascially, qualities that every faithful believer practises & ememplifies. AOA

sherifat ayo-adewole, Agbowo,Oyo state.Nigeria - wrote on 12/10/2004 7:56:14 AM
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Comment:Salam,as a matter of fact, the article is nice and I hope every Muslim gets to see this.Also it serves to educate those that are used as instruments for religious conflicts and desructions to desist from such act.Jazak Allah.

M.A. Khan, Toronto, Canada - wrote on 12/8/2004 9:05:55 PM
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Comment:Islam is the only religion who testifies Christianity. It suports very strongly the very "not easy to understand " description of the birth of prophet Jesus. He assigns a very high degree of respect to the mother of Jesus. Islam and Quran are the great defenders of real christianity. I dont see any reference here. The holy prophet have mentioned even in the last khutba that he will stay in the court of the Lord for the Non-Believers who was unjustly descriminated by his fellow Muslim and give his witness. So you left many good quotes so I givwe it a 3 Star.

Natascha, USA - wrote on 10/21/2004 12:21:38 PM
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Comment:I'm Christian, and sad-to-say, there are old men in my church who teach that Islam orders its faithful to kill non-Muslims. I've told them they're wrong, that what I know of Islam is that it is a peaceful and loving religion. They won't listen to me...I said why don't you get a guest speaker from a local Mosque? But I don't think they have tried to invite anyone. I'm going to print out this article and some of the awesome comments and show people!

Akeel, Virginia, USA - wrote on 12/10/2003 1:32:00 PM
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Comment:Salaams, The article was alhumdulilah but I want to add that we should be showing kindness respect and "tolerance" during all seasons to our christian, hindu, and whatever else fellow humans. During it particularly during the Xmas season is like you are acknowledging the holiday yourself and you are doing it for Xmas not because that is what you are suppose to do. Remember to stay balanced all through the year, don't only extend kindness in Xmas season.

Adejumu-Hassan Idris, Akowonjo,Lagos,Nigeria - wrote on 12/25/2002 1:37:48 PM
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Comment:Your article made a very wonderful reading to me.Although I have never been out of Nigeria but I've seen full hijab sisters on the streets in many European countries even in America(pre sept. 11) but I dont know to the extent to which my brothers from the northern part of Nigera could tolerate christians in the north.the only snag about the article is the part where u wrote muslims must believe in views about Jesus according to Islam and chistians.can u please clarify?

A. Hanif, Dubai, United Arab Emirates - wrote on 12/22/2002 6:42:07 AM
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Comment:Well-written article. Hopefully those in positions of influence will access this article and implement its suggestions. I appreciated the fact that the article doesn't encourage the huge Christmas displays found in shopping centers in Muslim countries.

IMRAN, SCOTLAND. - wrote on 12/21/2002 1:07:03 AM
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Comment:Excellent article with heart warming,tolerant and loving word's from the prophet of Allah(pbuh)himself.Muslim's enjoy many right's in Christian countries so its about time Christian's enjoyed the same right'in Muslim land's and let the real Islam not culture shine through.

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